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  1. Albert Einstein did not speak until he was three years old, and his mother doubted his usefulness at all. He didn't shine in the class, but he was pretty mediocre in all subjects except math and Latin. He was unable to enroll at the Zurich Polytechnic and re-entered the last grade at another school in order to get a better certificate. However, a genius.

    Thomas Edison was called “mentally retarded” by his teacher at school, and his mother took him out of school and taught him independently. However, this is where the failure story ends.

    The famous sculptor Rodin three years in a row can not enter the School of Fine Arts. He received his artistic “education” while working as an assistant decorator.

    Mendeleev was very mediocre at school, often grabbing cokes and twos, and was also a brawler. At the Institute, the situation has changed radically.

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