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  1. Well, in order

    First of all, it can be done, but it will be a little difficult.

    A good option if you go to study criminology or forensic psychology in the United States,while studying, think about how to legalize yourself in the country, because there are people with citizenship in the state service.

    Briefly bachelor-master-doctor in psychology, criminology, criminal justice, then citizenship and get a job at the FBI Academy Quantico, you will catch maniacs.

    1. There is a profession of consulting psychologist, where a person is a qualified specialist-psychoanalyst, and practices psychoanalysis.�

    2. The FBI also has cleaners, but the Russians are unlikely to be hired there.

    3. There is no point in answering the rest of the questions, I will only say that in order to become a normal psychoanalyst, you need to unlearn 10 years, and it's better just not to go there, advice.

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