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  1. I've done it a trillion times without even thinking. The last one is like this.

    Twice even made the first step on a dating site. At first, the conversation faded, three months later I wrote again. We talked about Bateson. We met. We've been married for three years, and our son is almost a year old.)

  2. So that's it. Once upon a time there was Tanya. Tanya saw Zhenya and blossomed for him the most, that is, love. Writes him a letter (and, wow, a letter), and in the end-gets rejected. All business, melancholy, stress, depression.

    Several years pass. Zhenya sees Tanya again, but now he falls in love with her. And Tanya is already married, even though she loves Zhenya.

  3. Maybe I'm some kind of unlucky, but for my modest experience of at least some sympathies, almost all the time I forged my happiness, so to speak, with my own hands. And she always screwed up in some way, which is the most interesting part. I'll tell you one story, because it takes a long time to print everything.

    Once on vacation at the sea noticed a nice guy. Like my age. But he was always going everywhere with a less likable brother, so for three days I followed them through the bushes and looked for the moment when they would finally disperse. As a result, this moment came, and I realized that I do not know what to do and how to act. So I turned off my brain and literally jumped this guy around the corner, lost my flip-flops, blushed horribly, and stammered something. I thought it was over. It's a disgrace. It turned out that he liked me too, and he just didn't know how to approach me. Communication then was the warmest, but my vidok at that moment, he reminded me a few more times:))

  4. Come on, why is it considered that the first step on the part of a lady is something so out of the ordinary? Actually, it doesn't happen very often, but it does happen. I've experienced this myself more than once, I've watched it from the outside too, I know quite determined girls, at least in such things. And, by the way, I want to note that you can lead her to this, not a simple, but quite real method.

  5. Once I found a candidate in a group in my city, looked carefully at his page, gathered my courage and wrote. In terms of communication, he turned out to be not at all interesting, two topics – the former (which he still loves and cannot forget) and motorcycles. On a date, he also turned out to be a cheapskate (or what is it called when a person brings you to the shopping center, ostentatiously withdraws money from the card, buys himself a grocery bag home, and you don't even pay for a bottle of water when you want to drink, and then you sit at a food court table and you enviously watch other people eat around, while he Don't get me wrong, I'm not a mercantile person and I always take money on a date just in case. But in my practice, this was the first time. In general, the date was the first and last.�

    Oh, yes, once on a dating site, I wrote to a guy who looked like I liked something like: “Hi, I usually don't write first, but I'd like to meet you, if you don't mind.” To which he reacted very negatively and began to tell me how bad I was, that I never wrote to anyone first.

    So my experience of the first step is somehow not very good)

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