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  1. I believe that addictions come in different orders of magnitude: gambling is one of the highest degrees, a painful condition, but addiction to social networks cannot reach this level. Each person depends on something to a different extent, getting used to something, relying on something. Social networks are a communication tool where boundaries, including the boundaries of social status, no longer apply (I had to communicate with famous people on Twitter and it was quite easy). We are beginning to depend on the Internet just as we depend on a phone that we can always call. We depend on our work, our family, our artistic tastes, our comfort, and many other things.

    Time is money when a person works, and when he has free time, he has the right to dispose of it for his own pleasure and benefit. Social networks undoubtedly bring us a lot of benefits, allowing us to communicate in interest groups, find interlocutors for a one-time discussion, ask a large number of people about something at once, as here on this site. The formation of such communications and computer tools portends a deep information modification of a person, when immersion in the world Wide Web will be carried out by the power of thought.

    Naturally, there are cases of leaving the real world for the virtual world, but a person is a weak being who will always find a way to self-destruct.

  2. Social media addiction is a scourge of our time. People spend the precious time allotted to them by Krsna on idle communication, on virtual surveillance of the so-called “stars” who are on the level of a monkey in their intellectual and moral development (I apologize to the monkey).

    Getting rid of Internet addiction is the goal of any normal person.

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