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  1. Education abroad and everything that you could be taught here, you will be taught there and that's it. In fact, you will just spend money for nothing, and if you study there with the expectation of living in that country, it still makes sense, but as practice shows, 90% return to Russia. I once and still periodically want to live in Canada. But if you think with your head, then everything is the same there, only in English or French, I will return to Russia with a 99% probability.

  2. Well, what can I say?. education abroad is an opportunity to look at this very border through the eyes of ordinary people and not tourists.

    plus again, useful acquaintances, �language and so on.

    But it only makes sense in one case – you have plans to move.
    And you just prepare for it.

    otherwise, �is not particularly useful, because it will be much more expensive than studying here.

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