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  1. thoughts and thoughts are present only in the spiritual realm. Meaning formation has stages “sign-meaning-meaning” (Socratic Maieutics) Therefore, you can understand how a chamber pot can become a work of art. Hegel's law of meaning formation in abstract forms of thinking, where meaning appears as a result of the identity “thesis-antithesis-synthesis”. Meanings form understandings and are present in concepts and representations.

    A thought begins with a typical whole to its content. Culture of thinking from whole to parts. The problem is not idle.

    In education, the Russian Orthodox Church offered a “Spiritual Course”for the school. The Ministry of Education approved this initiative. But both the Russian Orthodox Church and the Ministries of Education themselves do not understand anything about the content of the spiritual. They do not distinguish between reason, reason, and sense cognition. It's all the same to them.

    Man is first the spiritual, and then the social and physical. The spiritual forms the mind in the individual and social consciousness. The spiritual is eternal, as it has the ability to preserve and accumulate intellectual capital, as the basis for the development of civilization. In the spiritual sphere, Conscience, love, harmony and a culture of thinking from the whole to the parts are formed according to the laws of self-organization. The spiritual is the basis for the health of children and adults and the stability of the development of society.

    The social and the physical are transitory, as are our rational judgments and feelings. Therefore, the media write ” The editorial board is not responsible for the author's opinion.”

    Most of the priests, even on the programs of the Savior and the Union (these are the most literate!!!) they think from a religious fact and try to discover the spiritual in it. The thought begins with the typical. Animals also “think” from fact or experience. The spiritual cannot be detected in this way, and confusion in the minds of children and adults can be generated, which will also harm their physical health. The spiritual is the door opened by the Key of David. If there is something spiritual, then no one will “close” the door, and if not, then no one will “open”it

    For these reasons, it is necessary to stop this atrocity.

  2. let's first understand the concepts. meaning – internal content, meaning of something-n. intelligible; purpose, reasonable ground.
    a thought is something that has emerged as a result of thinking, an idea.

    the first difference here is that not every thought has meaning, because meaning has a reasonable basis.

    simple example:
    I saw a cactus. I was beginning to think that this cactus was going to attack me. – will it make sense, as a reasonable basis? why the hell would a cactus attack you?

    in fact, it was a sticky explanation. it is more practical that thought is a technology for achieving meaning, just like an idea.

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