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  1. Fire in his eyes.You know, if you look a person in the eye,there's a whole universe out there.This is probably the first thing that catches your eye.If there is no fire,then there is no point in looking at anything else.

    I absolutely love big hands and long fingers that are twice as big as mine.Categorically repel guys with hands like a baby bird.Oh, yes, and the veins on the hands (not on the forearms,but on the hands)

    Then growth (I myself am a NOGIOTUSHEY)probably, my most important fetish is growth, because I want to look like a baby next to it.And broad shoulders.Yes, such that at first you can not grasp.
    This is the first thing I pay attention to,but then-there is already a list

  2. The first thing I see when I come face-to-face with a person is their eyes. Most likely, I will not be able to remember his face, even the color of the iris that was noticed, I will forget literally immediately, but still it is the eyes that attract first. Then there are teeth, hair (namely, caring for them), etc.

    If we are at a certain distance from each other – the primary factor is height (this, in fact, is influenced by the fact that I myself am quite tall). On the same level are shoes. Yes, it is shoes. !Nothing says so much about a man as his shoes! And, of course, the overall well-groomed appearance.

  3. It is correct to say ” meet on clothes, see off on the mind.” I will not talk in detail about external preferences, everyone has their own, even if there is some ideal image, in practice you fall in love not with a fictional image, but with a real person, often very different from your ideal.

    Regarding the second point – intelligence-everything is still purely individual. People are all different, and the degree of their development is correspondingly the same. You try to pick up someone at about your level.

    And last, but no less important than the previous points, is humor. Intellectual conversations or similar interests are fine, but without similar humor, it's hard.

  4. Here's my list:

    1) Hands. nails.

    If there is dirt under them, or burrs already RIP, then I personally find this disgusting. I also hate it when they bite their nails and burrs With SUCH a SOUND as if they are about to tear off their hand with their teeth, I already want to cry. I can even not communicate with a person because of this.

    2) Shoes.

    If a guy's shoes are extremely dirty, torn, too worn, then this is very repulsive.

    3) Hair.

    Oh, God forbid, if the guy has icicles instead of hair)))

    4) Facial expression.

    Especially when a guy sees me. For the first time. adore

  5. Neatness, neat appearance. It is important for me that a person takes care of himself. It is not necessary to be sleek and with an expensive manicure, but dirt under the nails or ironed clothes are such mini pendulums. If this is a guy, then in his manners, it is banal whether he will open the door to a girl.

    I also appreciate it right away if a person, no matter how cool they are, doesn't talk to you in a high, haughty way.

  6. If my heart skips a beat , then I pay attention. That's all)

    This is the most detailed answer I've been able to give, TQ, and it's fun to read, I know.

  7. Still, the first thing you pay attention to is the appearance, whatever one may say . For me, the main thing in a man's appearance is his height. A man in my understanding (I admit, too conservative a view – but what can I do) must necessarily be taller than me . No, I do not preach such a problem as a necessity for all couples, but specifically in my case it is fundamental. There is also such a difficulty – the most familiar shoes for me are all sorts of options with stilettos, so it is important for me that a man is always taller than me, even when I walk on these extra 10-12 centimeters.� Otherwise, I can not feel comfortable and cozy next to a man, I want to slouch all the time and somehow stick out))

    The next point is neatness and figure – it should not necessarily be an athlete, but also a person who has not started himself up to disgrace. Agree, when a person in his 30s already allows himself to get a huge belly, it is willy-nilly repulsive.

    Everything else is optional – a man doesn't have to be handsome, the main thing is to have charisma or exude confidence and strength.

    Oh, yes ! and no long hair )))

  8. Teeth!
    I have a thing for it, I can't get rid of it, I scold myself terribly. At the same time, I don't care if they are crooked. I can't stand sparse teeth, you know, with the distance between. I do not know why, I even briefly dated a guy who had just such teeth, but I was not completely used to it. And after all, it doesn't look somehow ugly, it's just a feature of the anatomy, I don't understand why it's so clingy)
    In general, I'm a nasty person and I have a lot of oddities: (

  9. If the very first impression and, as a result, the most superficial is the general appearance (the choice of clothing elements, the presence/absence of accessories, shoes-everything can indicate a certain lifestyle; it is not always true, it is worth considering) and gestures, facial expressions (it is doubtful that this way you can learn something valuable about the character, but the general mood is captured). Then there's the eye contact that decides everything. A meaningful look is the foundation of any attraction “at a distance”. Honestly, I do not recall a single case when an interesting, open, intelligent, and most importantly, look did not belong to the same lively and pleasant (satisfying my intellectual needs, it would be more correct to say) interlocutor. Then hands. Here you can, of course, build a lot of theories, but, one way or another, attract beautiful, long, well-groomed fingers. No comment. And finally, the voice. This is more about sexual attractiveness. The timbre, intonation, confidence in his voice, not so much what his vocabulary is, but how he uses it – if all this does not meet some unknown standard of my own, then communication will come to naught, after all. Or, let's just say, it won't go any further than friendship.

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