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  1. What to do:
    – if you are engaged in physical education (running, workout, plank – whatever) – be sure to continue, if you are not engaged-start; physical activity helps not to mope and temporarily disconnect your head from bad thoughts;
    – to find a job, can any temporary, if not from “the dream job”, to connect friends and acquaintances that were advised that; there's money to be feeling at least some stability;
    is about the girl, if you don't let thoughts – choose a time each day, for example half an hour, when you just sit down and write her a pen on paper all that I think and feel about the situation, you can use any words and “sloppy” style is not important from the head to shift all on paper. Then you will read it again in the future – look at everything with different eyes.

  2. You should be happy, man! Of course, it's one thing if you get hit by a truck and end up in the hospital – there's not much to be happy about. But your situation is a real gift. Judge for yourself: your girlfriend left you. I threw it MYSELF, so it wasn't on your way anyway. So, ahead of you is waiting for you to meet a normal, suitable girl for you! If you were fired from your job, you didn't appreciate it, so you'll start looking for a new, more suitable one! The one where you will be in your place! And for many, the dismissal has become an incentive to some other ways of making money: your business (including online), work abroad, etc. Money runs out – so this is a great challenge, necessary for any man. It needs to be overcome like a level in a video game and that's it =)

  3. I understand that this is hard, I myself experienced almost the same thing not so long ago. But now we need to try to turn off unnecessary emotions, and set priorities. Look for a job, this is more important at the moment. As for the girl-yes, breaking up is always hard, especially when they leave you. It will take time and patience. But you will manage, and you will have enough strength. Success.

  4. Ali, breathe. And it will pass. We really like to put all the difficulties in a pile and worry about it. Choose an occasion that you can really worry about right now. Don't worry. Just for a while.

    For example, what is more important now, means to live? So, first, we deal with this issue.�

    About the girl later.�

    Find the means to live, get a new job, maybe another girl will appear.

    As an option.

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