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  1. Your boyfriend says you're not proactive. You retort to him that you are easy on the upswing. You just have a misunderstanding, you and he mean different things by “passivity”.

  2. It would be interesting to hear examples.

    It looks like a young man says something without thinking and without examples. Someone shouted: “fool”, and we are already running to prove that we are not like that.

    +not clear why “?” at the end, the sentence looks like a statement.

  3. Isn't that passivity?)))

    exactly. where´┐Ż and when you will be called.

    initiative is when YOU call. or it offers its own version ( well, except for not going anywhere).

    so that… there is no need to confuse the concepts.

  4. As for me, the answer lies in the question itself: “I will go wherever I am called.”

    It is very easy to respond to any suggestion with “yes, I don't care where to go”, “whatever you say”, “wherever you want” and then justify yourself like “well, I'm for you”.

    You can be “behind the wheel” in many ways, including passively waiting for everyone to find out and organize everything for you.

    The decision is very logical: to take the initiative and invite the young man somewhere yourself, taking care of all the organizational issues

  5. Maybe it's not you, but the boy? Often this happens when one person wants to dominate another, trying to consciously or without creating a subordinate atmosphere.

    It is difficult to say whether or not to be upset by such comments. If this makes you angry and “cringe”, then you can also hint that such comments are not always appropriate. If not , smile sweetly, saying that the initiative is welcome. The most important thing is not to become subordinate (although someone likes it). At the same time, you definitely do not need to prove anything to anyone, whether you are the lead or the lead – it all depends on the situation.

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