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  1. Each person decides for himself what happiness is for him. For some, this is the confidence that the other or others love him and somehow show love. For some, this is dedication to a particular cause. For some, the dissolution of the ” I ” in the service of God (in different understandings of this word). But in any case, happiness is something that constantly eludes us, it is more a process than a result. And the desire for it can make a person unhappy.

  2. It seems to me that the highest happiness in life is to wake up every morning with pleasure. Everything else is subjective state variables. Love-who knows-what it is-and how it feels ? In different periods of life, the attitude to love changes a lot, and happiness can always be experienced.

  3. This is a very complex question, so there is no simple answer to it.

    First of all, you can experience happiness not only from love. Creative success, achievements, friendships, and travel also bring happiness, although love makes these moments even better. Perhaps this feeling means a lot to you, so you are more likely to be happy if you are loved.

    But you shouldn't overestimate it, because you can't always be sure of other people's feelings – they can be fickle, and if you connect your happiness too much with their feelings, you run the risk of suffering much more often.

    And in the worst case-you will neurotically demand to be convinced that you are loved, you will be jealous and seek confirmation of other people's feelings-this is a nightmare for everyone, and for you in the first place. You need to be very careful when you associate your happiness with other people's feelings – you don't control them, so there will be consequences. I wouldn't recommend doing this if you want to keep your sanity intact in your life.

  4. The highest happiness cannot have the nature of coming and going. To be “supreme”, it must be permanent. You need to understand that putting the meaning of your personal “happiness” in the fact that you will be loved all the time, you carry certain risks.

  5. Each person has his own supreme happiness.

    But if you touch on the topic of love, then happiness does not lie in whether you are loved or not. And even if you are loved by thousands of people, this is not happiness.

    Happiness lies in whether you love someone. And the stronger your love – the stronger and brighter in your soul is the feeling that is commonly called happiness.

  6. Dasha, happiness is never higher or lower. Happiness is a prolonged emotion of joy and you can experience it on any occasion that makes you happy for a long time. If a person allows himself to enjoy every little thing during the day, then he fills himself with this positive emotion so much that he feels happy.

    Your statement of the question speaks about the desire for ideal love, which does not exist and this desire is caused, in most cases, by the dislike of parents in childhood.

    Children have a different assessment of parental love than adults. Parents can call their strictness and demands, punishments and constant instructions on how to live and think,love. They do all this only because they want to raise a good person out of their child, which means that they improve it because they love it.

    And the child considers himself loved and appreciates child-parent relations, when tenderness is necessarily present in the educational process.

    Therefore, if you are not an adult and live with your parents, then start talking to your parents without scandals about the lack of love in your relationships with them, because in addition to being demanding, you need to be able to show tenderness in your relationships with children.

  7. First of all, you need to love yourself ,and for this you need to admit that you are not perfect and you need to be content with what is available. The next step is to respect those close to you and therefore love them.

    To answer your question, you are absolutely right

  8. Well, it's only for kids like this. Women also need to be taken care of. What do I need someone's love for? I'm not a movie star. I live well enough as it is, and I am quite happy.

  9. The highest happiness is happiness from life itself, from the fact of your existence, from the fact that you just live and can breathe, is in this world. Everything else, material goods, including other people's attention to you and love, are temporary phenomena that tend to change and go away. But, your life is more primary than anything else in the world and nothing can be more valuable than it, this is the highest happiness when you discover it for yourself.

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