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  1. The same as the ideal person: someone who is able to negotiate and cooperate, understands their life interests well and adheres to them, is not without empathy and reflection to the extent that they perceive their life interests broadly enough, including good relationships with people and general well-being and prosperity.

    The rest is optional.

  2. I think everyone has read Saint Exupery's The Little Prince. Do you remember the episode with the drawn box? That's where the “perfect man”is located. Just right for a princess. And we, the real ones, alas, are not without some shortcomings. So, please choose from what is available. There will be no others. Please excuse me!

  3. A myth, just like the ideal woman.

    There are no perfect people,this should be accepted as reality,but you can be as close to the ideal as possible,for this you need to take all the best qualities from the male sex and throw out all the worst.

  4. This is a beautiful, sexy, sensitive, loving, gentle, calm, fun, loyal, not looking at other women, hardworking, easy to manage, forgiving and understanding everything, (if you missed something, add it), a male being. Fata morgana.

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