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  1. If you mean professional academic study psychology, Atkinson & Hilgard's Introduction to Psychology (link), David Myers Social Psychology (link), then, in line with the preferences you to take clinical psychology, neuroscience, psychotherapy (CBT can only lead to a tutorial Judith Beck, Cognitive Behavior Therapy Basics and Beyond (link)), psychiatry, organizational psychology, applied behavior analysis, data analysis, psychology etc.

    If you are referring to an amateur introduction to academic psychology, then, again, Atkinson & Hilgard's Introduction to Psychology may be a good fit. As far as I know, all of these textbooks are translated into Russian, but I would recommend treichardt to read in English, because then you will have access to a much larger volume of material on psychology.

  2. +1 to the answer about Yalom. It's easy to read, almost like an art book. But every situation is analyzed.

    I recommend that you start by reading articles or general textbooks on psychology about existing areas in psychology (psychoanalysis, gestalt psychology, behaviorism, etc.). Each direction has its origins in a certain person, in the future you can go to their works, if any of the directions will interest you more than the others.

  3. In my opinion, an excellent textbook on general psychology, with good examples and accessible, clear language, is the book by Nurkova and Berezanskaya, both MSU employees.

    The textbook Fundamentals of General Psychology by S. L. Rubinstein may be earlier, but no less useful. Especially carefully it is worth reading the introduction – it reflects exactly his view of the nature of the psychic.

    And if you have time, you can watch a video lecture on general psychology by V. V. Petukhov, a teacher at the Faculty of Psychology of Moscow State University. As a first introduction to psychology – a great option, only in some moments the presentation of the material may seem stretched.

  4. I don't think my answer will be taken seriously.
    I decided to withdraw a little into myself and start getting to know myself. To do this, I started reading the book “Think Slowly…Decide quickly.” The book is not big, my personal opinion. I hope it helped in some way 🙂

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