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  1. Man is a part of Nature, this part of Nature thinks and creates. Whole/Nature is no more stupid than its part/man. Elementary system logic.

    SCIENCE explains very well the existence of a deep meaning of life : living matter, civilization, is only a part of Nature that creates everything and does it – very rationally and optimally (according to the well-known Laws of Science).

    ENGINEERS systematically learn from Nature to create new apparatuses, devices, and structures.

    LIFE is a form of development and solving informational problems of Nature – this is the main practical meaning of life, living matter, as a part of Nature.

  2. Science cannot and should not answer the question of the meaning of life. A person who claims that there is or is possible a scientifically based meaning of life is wrong or lying. Science is concerned with what is, not what should be – and the meaning of life just belongs to the latter category, as an answer to the question ” why should I live?” Unless you are the only one who considers philosophy a science, but philosophy also has no single answer to this question, only a lot of proposals that you are free not to accept.

  3. In general, this is mentioned only in philosophy. If we take different types of human worldview, which is discussed in philosophy, we can see that there is an evolution of consciousness. Why do you plant flowers if you don't sell them? They are beautiful, and there is a sense of creativity and care in caring for them. On the one hand, there is no meaning, life for the sake of life, play for the sake of the game. On the other hand, it is a Great Craft of the Universe, it knows what and how much, where this Ship is going.

  4. I ask the reader a specific question: are you afraid of death? You are afraid, because death is the loss of yourself. A person exists regardless of whether he was born or not. It makes no sense to search here.

  5. The paradox of the meaning of life is that a person exists, regardless of whether he was born or not. A person in captivity of the great illusion of acquaintance with himself. The meaning of life is that a person is afraid to die, that is, to lose himself.

  6. From the point of view of science, the meaning of an organism's life is to rewrite its genetic code, i.e., in the offspring. Absolutely all living organisms have a goal to rewrite their code and start life again.

    Life is the process of executing a program of the genetic code.

    Man has two forms of life within him: biological and conscious (mental and spiritual).

    Naturally, these two life forms have two meanings.

    The meaning of a biological (soul) life form is to rewrite its genetic code and make it immortal.

    It is a complete life form, because it has a solution.

    The meaning of conscious (spiritual)activity life forms are also the immortality of consciousness, but this problem has not yet been solved, currently people are in search of its solution, which is the reason for the development of humanity.

  7. All life on Earth is created according to the genetic program and programmed for certain actions, which all boil down to one thing-survival and reproduction. The human mind is something similar to artificial intelligence, but which did not rebel, but on the contrary, adapted to its program. As if a robot suddenly realized itself as a robot whose task is to dig a quarry, and decided that it will continue to dig and will do it better than others, using an intellectual advantage.

  8. The meaning of a person's life or existence from a scientific point of view, of course, is to facilitate and improve the biological presence of a person in the world. But if we take into account the fact that science does not reject the metaphysical nature of man, which is not possible to know on an absolute level. In this regard, science needs to accept the theory of the metaphysical nature of man. The spiritual nature of a person also needs the spiritual support of the soul's abilities, as well as for the maintenance of biological nature. In order to maintain the existence of life support, perfection, and spiritual nature of a person, it is necessary to fulfill the moral law, just as in scientific practice it is necessary to observe the laws of physical space. And the main condition in scientific activity should be a correct worldview, which depends on obtaining the knowledge of a scientist. Therefore, science needs philosophical knowledge.
    Philosophy uses the rational method. Pluralism of scientific opinion without recognition of the Truth is chaos. This is an opportunity for everyone to act stupidly. Such a position is unnatural for human life, and therefore does not allow us to scientifically improve the completeness of human existence.

  9. Be a healthy employee in power. Preferably skilled and tireless. Earn the gratitude of your superiors and the respect of others. Bring healthy offspring. To die in time, so as not to become a burden.

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