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  1. the short answer would be yes.
    If such a phrase as ” human improvement“ would be perceived by every person equally )
    But as there is, and sometimes quite a significant difference, in understanding what a person himself is and what place he occupies in the Life of the entire Universe
    , what is the meaning of this Life, and his life personally,
    and what is his improvement,
    Then any answers will generate either contradictions and new questions, or disputes with defending, to a greater extent, personal opinion.
    And a hundred such opinions will not shed a single drop of light on this topic, if common sense and logic are captured by subjective delusions.

  2. In the fullest possible disclosure of its natural perfection. Any single life form is a finite part of the overall, all-encompassing life. Man is the most complex form of life, if we take into account the mystery and richness of the manifestations of consciousness. The meaning of life is to create a variety of forms of its manifestation. The meaning of human life is to discover your own creative perfection in the flow of all-encompassing life!

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  3. I remember Andrei Tarkovsky saying: life has no meaning, of course. And he was right: what meaning to give to one's own meaninglessness is a personal choice of a person. Some see suffering as the meaning of life, others-wealth and power, some-creating works of art, and some-motherhood. Someone defines the meaning of life as the search for themselves, and someone – their own waste…

    After all, it is a very thankless task to determine the meaning of life for others.

  4. yes, in setting goals and achieving them, it seems to me that the problem of many people is that they simply do not have a goal , and when they do, they already have a plan for achieving it and it gives meaning to life

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