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  1. The meaning of life can be viewed from several perspectives:

    1. From the side of the universal scale, there is no meaning to life at all, people can develop at least yes intergalactic flights, but for the universe it will still be nothing, everything will die, there is no meaning, the end.

    2. On the part of society, humanity, the meaning is to promote progress, discover new things, improve people's lives, sometimes this meaning can become personal.

    3. Personal meaning, everyone defines it for themselves, it can be a typical “build a house, raise a son, build a career”, for someone the 2nd point, altruism or animal protection, family or travel, everyone determines for themselves the meaning of their life, for example, mine is close to hedonistic, that is, I just want to enjoy my existence.

    P.S. I hope you will draw the necessary conclusions for yourself from the above, happiness to you.

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