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  1. This is the shadow of many people met on the path of life.

    We unconsciously adopt the style of behavior of those around us, no matter how much we talk about our own maturity, individuality and uniqueness.

    First of all, there is the family. The behavior and views of our parents influence us as much as possible, and they are not questioned in childhood. But other people also have an impact. Relatives, friends, bosses and subordinates, classmates – all these people have influenced us, if only because they speak the same language as us.

    I often ask myself this question: if my native language wasn't Russian, how would I change? And if I was born in a family of Negroes or Eskimos – would I be me, or already another me?

    We adopt the manner of conversation, phrases from others. In each new team, in which we find ourselves, we master traditions and unspoken rules. Every woman who has been kind to us leaves her mark on us. Every enemy that literally left an imprint on your face has influenced you and forced you to somehow correct your behavior.

    As I get older, I notice more and more of my parents ' traits in me. With surprise and horror. I thought I was unique. And now I find myself saying them in phrases I often argued with when I was young.

    Where is the unique personality of a person, your unique and unique soul in the universe? I don't have an answer to this question.

    I can only suggest that your real identity is what you did. Choices, actions, and creativity. Something that didn't exist before, something that you brought into the world. Situations where you had to choose, and you chose to act one way or another, take sides, step over one thing, and support the other – these are the situations that made you.

  2. no, it doesn't. I was trained to use a dial phone, watch TV as the only source of information, and treat colds with mustard plasters. are there enough counterexamples?

  3. in a way, yes, in a way, no. On the one hand, you are the “shadow” of your parents, you did not come into the world yourself – you carry the traits, genes, DNA, your predecessors – to some extent you continue to develop them, to some extent you acquire something of your own, you give up what your predecessors did – and this shows your uniqueness. So yes and no. Let me explain it more simply: a person with his similar ones has a huge number of similarities, but there is also a unique” fingerprint ” of fingers, a unique face. The higher and deeper the development, the more spiritual it is , the greater the uniqueness.

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