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  1. Well, if that's the most disgusting thing you can imagine so far… Then, perhaps, you are still idealizing life.

    Disgust even not only in different people, but also in the same person throughout life causes completely different things.

    Disgusting = very inappropriate, which in no case can not be touched, get involved, eat. Plus disgust along with anger is a normal reaction to breaking personal boundaries (anger is more universal, but disgust is also common).

    For you now, the idea of serving the master is disgusting. But for many it is quite. Service to the master is stability (even if ugly and changeable, but still), it is a clear hierarchy. Even if you are at the bottom of it , but you can always find someone to lower even lower… or real people, or in your fantasy-just others… well, there are foreigners, pindos-oh! (well, stupid), all sorts of dissidents, gays, women… Kick the cat here. -“Well, or just know-your-place.

    In general, many very much.

  2. Perhaps it is THOUGHTLESS to serve the master. One way or another-we all serve, the question is-how much do we understand this and how do we implement ourselves in this system? Negotiate and bend your own line)

  3. Don't give in to the power of words. Who is the owner?

    • The customer?
    • The foreman?
    • The business owner?
    • …Or…?

    Those who wish to add / subtract / object anything are welcome.

  4. Psychologist Consultant, entering adulthood, for the first time I felt what it is to work not for the result, but for a specific person, and it seemed to me that this is the most disgusting feeling in life. I was interested to hear the opinion of experts on this issue.

    I can't comment on your response because I can't log in to my account.

  5. Serving the “master” is not the most disgusting thing that can happen in a person's life. Perverts, pedaphiles, can cause irreparable damage to your mental health.Illnesses can ruin your life.There are things in the world that are much more terrible than serving the “master”.Moreover, serfdom was abolished in 1861 and all people are free,only their right to serve or not.

  6. And to serve a person for any reason, it is impossible to avoid it.Many people think that by acting wilfully, they are following the path of freedom.This is a big misconception.There are demons-unclean spirits that encourage a person to do various evils, and strengthen the passions in a person,and through the passions make him their slave.God also demands that we serve Him,but through the fulfillment of His will, He gives us freedom.He who is enslaved to whom is a slave to him, or a slave of the passions, to death,or a slave of God, to life.

  7. Service to service is discord. Slavery is a great sin on the part of both the master and the slave. But if someone repairs the faucet to the owner of the apartment, then this is the norm and good. Any evil is disgusting: murder, theft, lying, greed, perversion, etc.

  8. In fact, we live in a world where everyone obeys someone or serves someone. Why do people sometimes have a negative reaction to this?I learned from the Bible that “man rules over man to his detriment” (Ecclesiastes 8:9), so some people, unfortunately, abuse their power. But God is not indifferent to the suffering of oppressed people. For example, in ancient Israel, being a slave was not a burden and humiliation, because the law of God encouraged masters to treat their slaves with respect and kindness, as if they were hired workers. And in the future, He promises that everyone will sit under their own vine and under their own fig tree..”
    (Micah 4: 4), i.e. everyone will have their own and no one will work for the owner .

  9. The most disgusting thing that can happen in the life of humanity is to serve the master. Man, according to Aristotle, is the most insignificant of all animals. Since, according to Aristotle, essence is activity, man is activity. You can only work for such a master if you are in slavery. Aristotle was an excellent literary critic. His acutely grasping view of life was much better than our previous narrow-minded understanding of life. He was an extremely educated man. And he understood people perfectly, especially women. He had a keen understanding of the mechanisms by which some people or groups of people keep others in line. And the example of Aristotle is quite possible to illustrate the difference between the world of slaves and the world of masters. Slavery, according to Aristotle, is subordination, a prison. Moreover, the prison is deeper than the one that people who are kept in a serf state get into. People obey, according to Aristotle, not by themselves, but by the conditions of their relations with power, including economic ones. That is why people are not free, but subservient and submissive. And that is why they are both slaves and masters. Subservience to slavery does not arise as a result of the development of special skills and abilities in people, but only because there is someone who controls all this through economic mechanisms. What can we say about his concept of slave labor? He argues that the labor of a slave is servile in nature. But what does this mean? Aristotle's answer to this question is very interesting. He concludes that there are two reasons why the slave has no desires. The first reason is the economic immaturity and political immaturity of the slave himself. When a person who has no desires meets his master, he becomes dependent. The second reason is family slavery. And here again the same logic is repeated. When a slave gets involved with a woman, he develops inner desires, which are called family relationships. But the family relationship is actually a property relationship. In other words, the family is the instrument and organ of forcing the slave to fulfill his desires. This is how Aristotle's concept of slave labor defines relationships in society.

  10. And where did you suddenly find the owner? The slave system has long since passed away. Recently, with the growth of Marxist sentiments, it has become customary to call an employer a master (and with a negative meaning). But by no means, this is not serving the owner, but performing their professional duties, for which they pay a salary. It's another matter when the boss is a tyrant, but he can be a tyrant regardless of the form of ownership.

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