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  1. Allocate him a profitable place, the size and stability of income on which will directly depend on the beliefs that he broadcasts and expresses )

    As Ford used to say, a good newspaperman sells once. This can be extended to people in general. You will play the music that you are ordered – the only question is the amount of the order, it is different for everyone )

    This is not as humorous an answer as you might think. In fact, good motivation is the only way to change your beliefs “permanently and irrevocably.” Changing and revising your beliefs over the course of your life, sometimes to the exact opposite, is a natural process for a person.

    If a person broadcasts the same irrevocable beliefs for a long time, it means that they have the strongest motivation for these beliefs.

    The joke here is only that such motivation is money. In practice, such motivation in people, most often, is fear.

  2. There was a girl namedPatricia Hurst, and she did change her beliefs,
    I just can't find it in my head to call what happened to her effective.
    I'm not sure if it was just us forever and forever, but it was very cool.

    However, if we are not talking about such drastic changes, then the answer will be quite simple: load a person with new life experiences that will not be very well compatible with their past beliefs. In the process of “digesting” this experience, his beliefs will change.

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