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  1. This is our typical introversion on the activity of another in contact: “Or maybe not necessary?..”))�

    In my life before, this was resolved by continuing the activity of the other party. I succumbed to insistence. Well, more or less. Once this turned out to be friendship, once, if communication turned out to be completely uninteresting, unnecessary, quietly sabotaged until it came to naught.

    Now I directly address myself to such an initiative: what I want more. Trushu and huddle as before, I'm out of professional life is comfortable and familiar apart from others (except for close ones). But I understand that this is my introvert. And I have a lot of positive experience: when I decided, something interesting happened.�

    And science/ everyday life, it generally seems to me, is not very significant here. I dare to suggest that if a person was truly alien to you in terms of values, worldview,then for you the question would not arise.

  2. he likes me, but we are different, I am fond of science, she is, no offense, a philistine

    Don't understand? So is “He “attracted to you or”She”? Or both? )

    Well, not the point…

    The fact that someone is attracted to you does not impose any obligations on you. And in general, nothing imposes any obligations on you, except for the fact that you independently accept these obligations on yourself.

    A person is attracted – and thank God: it means that you are attractive intellectually, sexually, and emotionally. The more people you attract , the better. Can you imagine how many people are drawn to movie actors and football players?.. So-and-so )

  3. I have no idea.�

    Well…. you never know who reaches out to whom.

    Personally, I am an egotist. If I'm not interested in certain people, then I'm not interested in them and I avoid them. And I don't really care what I do there, and what they do. Either I like to communicate (even if there is a stopisyat time philistine, I do XS what does this mean in this context) or nafig it to me?

  4. Try to look inward and look for the next limiting belief in yourself:

    If people like me and I don't like them back, I'm not a good person.

    Then, if you have found it in yourself, determine for yourself what will happen if you are always a bad person – for her and for everyone in general. What do you have to lose socially?

    Perhaps fears and anxieties stemming from a subconscious desire to gain approval from others will surface.

    If you work through all these fears and anxieties, you can eventually expect an approach that can be conditionally called common sense.

    If you want to, you communicate with the person. If you don't want to or stop wanting to, you don't communicate without any worries, fears, or regrets. Such ease and freedom from conditionality makes life much easier, simplifying interaction with people and opening up new opportunities.

    And the fact that some social connections will not survive this approach is not a big deal. Those that survive will be more enriching for you and your life.

    I wish you success and all the best in life without any hard feelings!


  5. The fact that you are interested in science does not automatically make you higher/better than the girl who is interested in you. But obviously, following the fact that you think so, I advise you not to waste the time of that girl, because relationships (friendly, love) can only be based on equality and common interest.

  6. You're a young, intelligent girl, and she's probably one of those people who smokes and drinks beer on a bench in the company or something like that, right? Decent family, calm (a little sleepy for you , right?) situation. And here – a representative of a stormy, full to the brim intriguingly unfamiliar life. And, as you say, it reaches out to you. And, of course, you sometimes meet her, and she tells you some exciting stories from her adventurous life. One part of your soul condemns you for such an unpresentable acquaintance, but the other part disagrees with it. And if you supply your friend – nemodrug with money (in debt , and what's the big deal-she will give it back!), then there is already an interesting picture. At one point, she will invite you to a party with the boys (we won't tell mom), and then – I'm bringing down the curtain, you can think out the script yourself. At your expense, this girl increases the rating, because, according to you, she does not represent anything of herself, in her own eyes and in the eyes of her friends. You should run away from such a dubious acquaintance as fast as you can, before you turn into a copy of her!

  7. You seem to have few or no friends. But making friends is just as important and interesting as science. Try to make friends with her as a girl with a girl, who knows what you will learn from a person who is drawn to someone to whom no one is drawn.

  8. If he likes you, what's the problem? I have friends and acquaintances, and almost all of us are interested in different things, but there are common topics that we can discuss, we have fun together, and so on. You're not going to go out and discuss science all the time, are you? Sometimes you need to take a break from this.
    And I'm also not very sociable, but at the same time I communicate with people with whom I sympathize, sometimes it's lonely and at such moments friends are needed.
    Everyone is passionate about what they like, and just because she doesn't read scientific articles doesn't mean she's a philistine. Maybe she likes literature and she can tell you a lot of interesting things from this field. Life sometimes brings together such people, looking at whom I would never have thought that they could have something in common and they can communicate/be friends

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