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  1. And it is as unattainable as paradise) or like socialism.

    Even women themselves perceive themselves differently.
    Yes, they write about how “they want” freedom of expression and other things…

    But they evaluate others! all people evaluate each other.

    yes, according to different criteria. but we are evaluating it.

    we always think something about our surroundings.
    Therefore, it cannot be that a person does what he wants, how he wants and when he wants – and no one has thought anything about him.

    Someone will always hate you. someone-to despise, someone to love.

    and it doesn't matter what kind of idealogy will be around.

    One wants to wear leggings, and the other thinks that fat aunts in leggings are terrible.
    What, a fairy tale?)

    Beer bellies sticking out from under T-shirts? freedom of expression or disgusting? does everyone really enjoy looking at them? I doubt.

    so that…. we give ratings one way or another.

    the only thing. what you can really do is allow people to be what they want to be and protect them.

    But no one can stop a person from thinking something bad about us.

    because we also think something bad about people)

  2. The face of modern feminism is the face of a painted clown.in order to have an abortion, I personally do not care about anyone else's opinion, condemnation or approval.moreover, there is no need for outsider aunts who allegedly fight there for my rights, which are not infringed by anyone. In the 70s, at the beginning of the disco era, black queens of disco, Donna Summer, Gloria Gaynor for the first time openly began to perform songs in which a woman sings about sex,about her feelings.It was a real revolution and breakthrough for all the women they called sisters.Look at their photos ,there is nothing in common with modern femme dames.And these black divas did a lot more for modern women, even though they didn't even know about feminism, and even more so they weren't feminists.

  3. According to the Aristotelian classification, this is simply ochlocracy. But this social phenomenon is driven by elite global projects. One group of globalists must defeat another. See smart books to see what this means. For example, ” Jacques Attali. A brief history of the future.”

  4. Feminism is an evil that has been destroying the social system for hundreds of years… Equality must be fought in every possible way to prevent the destruction and bacchanalia of the peoples of the world!

    Some of the methods of struggle I would call-separate education of boys and girls in schools, various taboos (for example, to prohibit them from holding high positions like the general director or the leader of a political party, or to prohibit a wife from earning more than her husband earns) and the introduction of reprisals for using tobacco and alcohol, engaging in prostitution and violating laws (for such actions,

  5. I want to belong to myself.

    I want my private life to be exclusively my own business, and not the property of the public.

    I want to get an education and earn a lot of money, without having irrational obstacles in the form of mantras about “unmarried business”,” the nature of a woman “and”her purpose”.

    I do not see my self-realization in the family and motherhood.

    I want to get the same money for the same work with men.

    I want domestic violence to be prosecuted, and the aggressor cannot approach the victim.

    I want to do with my body what I personally like, and not to please men at all costs.

    I want homosexual relations not to be condemned by society, which is firmly convinced that a particular country should be a citadel of heterosexuality (and homophobia).

    I want my legal right to an abortion not to be condemned by moralists and religious institutions.

    I want women not to be called “old-born” at the age of 25 and not to be blamed for their childfree attitude. I want a woman to be able to decide for herself, without excessive public pressure, when to give birth and get married — at 18 or 38.

    I want a world without wars and without domestic aggression. So that men have the right to weakness, sincerity, unreality, naturalness and emotionality — and not live their lives like a stone-faced statue in a man's box because of the absurd fear of “behaving like a girl and a woman”. I want it to be normal for men to strive for partnership with women and be able to lead a life, so that bachelors are not spared, wanting to “find an economic woman, why are you choking on dumplings”, but set an example as an independent man.

    I want the male sex to also be weak and beautiful, without fear of stigmatization.

    I want to be evaluated first of all as a person, a person, a citizen and a professional, and men-as a person, a person, citizens and professionals. So that we are not only “someone's wife, mother and daughter” / “someone's husband, father and son”.

    I don't want to be perceived solely on the basis of my appearance and having a vagina. I'm a human being, not a silent sex object. My skirt doesn't mean anything except that I like my legs. My cleavage doesn't mean anything except that I like my breasts. The lipstick on my lips doesn't mean that I'm absolutely burning up for a blow job; no, I just like this color and its combination with my current appearance. If I want sex, I have every right to tell the other person. Myself.

    I want more women who are so relaxed and confident in themselves. So that they feel that they can be successful outside the context of traditional femininity. So that they do not blame themselves for “behaving like a man”, but are proud of themselves, get pleasure — and an orgasm, if necessary.

    That's why I'm a feminist.

    Feminism is not necessarily a political struggle. This is the self-perception that there is no “first” or “second” gender.

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