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  1. Depending on how long the person is dreaming:

    • 2 days — to the need to provide financial assistance to relatives;
    • 3 days — to meet an old friend soon;
    • 4-to quarrel with a loved one;
    • 5-to trouble in the family;
    • a week-to reveal someone else's secret;
    • a month will lead to a serious conflict with your parents;
    • during the year — to the lack of support of friends in a difficult situation;
    • 10 years-to the disease;
    • all my life-to regret my mistakes.
  2. This means that you think a lot about this person,and it is quite possible that you like this person or your fate is connected with him. Or do you enjoy hanging out with him

  3. Dear Denis, The dream person, even if it is exactly the same as the real person in your life, has nothing to do with this person. And in general with the people around you. Do not draw, for example, information from dream books… In a dream, we see pictures of the unconscious and its images, which can manifest themselves in any way, including through coincidence with your friends. The image of this person is nothing more than a reflection of certain processes in your unconscious, in your inner world. In order to interpret the image of your unconscious mind, you need to consult with a specialist. In this process, it is necessary to have such a question as a clear mind, perception of the consultant and his empathy. For Meneghetti, this discipline of reading and interpreting images of the unconscious is called imagogy. The only thing that can be said is that if the image is repeated, it means that your unconscious sees some cyclical, repetitive problem of your inner world (it can be anything), which must be solved in the existing conditions or which should be solved.

    That's all I can tell from your description.

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