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  1. By itself, the common meaning of life for all has long been known

    Another thing is that it is as obvious as it is not clear. The age-old question of “what to do”, and what to do specifically for each person, does not give rest to more than one generation of inquisitive minds.

    And even if a person received an answer to it, “not many people could believe in it” and act.

    And from the fact that someone will come up with a person's meaning of life, and impose others as the truth

    of course, this may well make him “happy” (and only)�

    But this contentment is more like a chicken's, which is fed and watered and protected only for the time being.�

    Therefore, a person should seek it himself, with his awareness

  2. Let's start with who is looking for the meaning of life and why?

    Probably those who are dissatisfied with what they do. Just in order to feel this satisfaction.

    That is, finding the meaning of life is associated with a sense of satisfaction.

    In fact, this is a situation in which a person does something, others are +- grateful to him (they don't put a negative on him) and he doesn't have high expectations about himself, like I could sit in the Kremlin(in the Gazprom Tower, relax in the Maldives…), and I'm sitting here scribbling answers to stupid questions.

  3. In all questions about the meaning of life, one thing is surprising: no one thinks about the meaning of the day lived. Yes, many people think about the results. And summing up the results of the year has also become a tradition. But no one ever asks themselves the question: “What is the meaning of the past day?” And when to ask it? In the morning? When you don't know how the day will end? Or before going to bed? When did it all go away? Or maybe at lunchtime, say, ” What's the point of this day?”
    It's stupid. But to annoy everyone with your search for the meaning of life – for some reason this has become fashionable in our country. And it doesn't seem stupid – quite the opposite.

  4. The meaning of life is an individual response. There is no unity to say exactly what we were created for in this world. You can give an infinite number of answers to this question and once again make sure that there are many subjective opinions, both among philosophers and sociologists. The problem of the meaning of life will always remain the problem of human existence and humanity. The original essence was still reflected in the ancient Greek thinkers. In my opinion, we should talk about a special language for analyzing the life world, which is much richer than the existing concepts. I am talking about the fact that a person has a small degree of spirituality and knowledge about his origin.

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