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  1. No.

    Well, that is, I personally love the semi-esoteric formula “Any true feeling is mutual”, but I use it not to convince myself of the reciprocity of a partner where it is not visible with a simple glance, but on the contrary, to test my feeling for neuroticism. If I feel something like this violently, and the other side does not make any gestures towards me, then it means that I do not have a feeling, but a neurosis of pure water, I invent something of my own in the place of a person and fall in love with it and envy him.

    Any true feeling is mutual, because it is formed in contact, within the relationship, in the general psychological field, and not in advance. If there is no common field, then there is no feeling, or rather, there is, but not to the person, but to his inner hole. That's what we need to deal with.

  2. I would agree that mutual love is real, and one-sided love is more like a neurotic disorder.

    I can't imagine love without a deep understanding. And if one person likes the type, and the other does not understand it and rejects it, then this interaction does not occur. And often the feelings of an unrequited lover do not relate to a real person, but to a fictional image, and this feeling can be strong, but it is very different from what it should be.

  3. In a sense, yes. First, very often, if we really like someone and we really treat them well and adequately (if we don't “take out their brain” and don't do all sorts of “shit”), then automatically we like this person too, cause sympathy. Similarly, if someone doesn't like us terribly, then automatically we don't like that person either. People feel a REAL attitude to them, feel at the level of intuition.

    Second, true love is unconditional. She doesn't need a reciprocity clause. We love because we can't help but love. These are: “I love you, and you love me too, and if you don't love me, I'll be offended and I won't love you either.” This is really stupid. I believe that this is no longer connected with love, with selfishness and self-love-yes, but with real love it has nothing to do. There are a lot of things to love in life – songs, nature, cats, etc. But we never expect reciprocity from all these phenomena. We love it because we love it. And when it comes to a particular person, we suddenly need a condition for mutual feelings. This is partly understandable. But true love is still always, first of all, unconditional. Everything else is connected with a direct desire to take possession of the object of love, to bind it to us, and if it does not get attached – to urgently “stop loving”, while often ruffling its nerves and mood.

    That is why love is sometimes “unrequited”, but true love is still ultimately unconditional. You love because you like it and can't help but like it.

  4. I think not(the answer to the first question). Because I am convinced(only my opinion) that it is true love, in the full sense of the word, without reciprocity is NOT possible. That is, if a person, no matter how much he loves, does not see reciprocity, then I do not think that he is able to bring his feelings to any special level.

  5. No, it's not true. Your own feelings for another person do not guarantee reciprocal feelings. If a man truly loves a woman, then it's great that he experienced such a feeling, but feelings in return are not guaranteed.

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