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  1. Trust yourself and that it will pass when the time comes. In my opinion, there is nothing more to be done.

    When the time comes, you will meet someone you want to trust, and it will happen spontaneously. In the meantime, live your life the way it is.

  2. Start trusting yourself! Try not to deceive yourself (this is very difficult). And when it starts to work out, trust in others will start to appear. When people can trust you, only then can you trust people. But don't confuse trust with expectations! If I expected one thing from a person and didn't get it, it's not about trust, it's about waiting.

  3. Well, I don't trust anyone either, except for one single person close to me. This is normal, our world does not like naive people. Live in peace, distrust is our strength.

  4. I would not trust Andrey Avramenko)). The fact that you stopped trusting someone is normal, I would even say that it's great. You don't need to do anything about it. This is neither good nor bad – this is your new side of perception of the world around you, and this is an additional facet to the one already imposed from childhood, where we had to believe everything because we didn't know anything. And WHO were the teachers? In your current situation, new opportunities open up for you to comprehend, rethink once inaccessible or forbidden ideas, thoughts, and knowledge. In my opinion, this is luck. Some end up living under the banner of the paragraph. If you don't focus on denial, then distrust becomes an opportunity to look at something from a different angle, despite the beliefs of others. It makes our lives fuller. There are many proverbs and sayings about trust among the people. No smoke without fire).�

    Our trust is a product that someone needs. Don't put it in the wrong hands. You have only YOURSELF.

    R. S. Me, you, by the way, can also not trust, but I somehow po…

  5. You can trust those who have no objective motivation to deceive you. For example, to a private therapist or at meetings of addicts Anonymous.

  6. First, calm down. Then realize that there are millions of similar cases (sorry!). Nothing terrible happens.

    For yourself, you need to understand: do you need to trust anyone at all? In the sense that everyone has their own life, their own problems. Do you fit your problems into the life of the person you met and want to maintain a relationship with? Are you, for example, ready for the fact that an acquaintance (s) or friend (s) who has appeared to you will suddenly start pouring out some of their thoughts, secrets, and problems on you? Maybe it is you who are not interested in these and similar thoughts, secrets and problems?�

    But after all, there may well be a person to whom all this will be consonant, close and understandable, and who will quite naturally share your thoughts, worries and interests.�

    You just need to look for such a person. Quaerite et inveniētis.

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