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  1. It's not manic. This is OCD. ( obsessive-compulsive disorder). If left untreated, there will be a beard.)�

    I advise you to be examined by a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist.

  2. I had a similar problem washing my hands: I always felt that they were dirty, that they needed to be washed. If I forgot that I washed them 15 minutes ago, if I touched a common metal object (including cutlery), it seemed to me that my hands were already dirty.

    Perhaps psychologists will answer your question better, and I will tell you how I made my problem easier. While searching for a solution to the problem, I read that one of the possible reasons for such obsessions-compulsions may be that my conscience is unclean and I want to “wash” this negative from my head. And this is what I projected in such external needs.

    Specifically, it came to my case: analyzing what was happening and remembering the time when I started doing this often, I realized that it was really connected with the moments of a number of actions that I thought a lot about, which I considered extremely bad achievements in relation to other people. Having changed exactly the root, the attitude to it, solving this problem, gradually the desire to wash your hands, “wash off the dirt” also disappeared.

    I don't presume to suggest that you have something similar, but I say that the possible reason for your constant desire for cleaning is not in external factors, not directly in dust and dirt, but in the disorder in your head. And by solving this particular issue, you may be able to get rid of the problem mentioned in the question.

  3. And how can the house be constantly dirty? Do you have a pass-through yard there? Do the miners from their shift come to stay? Well, dusting in visually catchy places is a matter of seconds, well, vacuuming once a week, in the kitchen/corridor you can sweep it locally, “in a corner”, and then, again, once a week, everything is thoroughly cleaned and washed. Those. visual cleanliness, in my opinion, is not so difficult to maintain. You just don't need to get caught up in it.

    Although, if there are children or animals, then yes, this is a problem.

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