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  1. There is a rule of 33 percent that says: “Spend 33% of your communication time on people who are better than you, 33% of your time on those who are worse than you, and finally 33% of your time on people who are just like you.”

  2. if you do not communicate with those who are below-значит means those who are above should not in theory communicate with us.�

    In general, we must receive from above in order to give down. Without feedback , there is no harmony and no perfection. Receive and give, receive and give-that is the principle of the Expanding Universe

  3. Interesting opinion..hmm. To become smarter, you need to communicate with people who are smarter than us. Accordingly, limit communication with those who are more stupid.. And then how will we communicate with those who are smarter than us, if those who are smarter than us will not communicate with us. After all, for them, we are more stupid than themselves

  4. People who are in the same range, or lower (so that this opinion has a place to be). In general … anyone, we communicate well for various reasons.
    Always someone will be smarter or weaker than us in some area. �
    Intelligence itself is a loose concept, and everyone interprets it differently. This is the quality of our psyche, the ability to remember, learn, understand, accumulate knowledge and implement it… and so on. There is also social intelligence (understanding behavior) and emotional intelligence (understanding emotions).

  5. Specifically, in order to become smarter, you need to communicate with smart people. You can communicate with non-smart people for something else. Or just because you want to.

    To become more beautiful, you need to communicate with those who follow the figure. But you don't deduce from this a ban on communicating with fat people. In addition, there are no people who are stupid in everything. An uneducated person can be somewhat wiser than an educated person. Or he may have kindness, courage, other qualities besides intelligence that can be learned. In addition, the mind can be developed not only by communicating with the smart, but also by educating the stupid.

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