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  1. You describe the development of human civilization. That's the way things work for us humans. What surprises you? Our brain develops under the influence of personal experience. This experience is made up of parental moralizing, communication with friends and neighbors, books, films, sensory and emotional impressions, our fantasies, and the dogmas imposed on us by society and the church.

    The Biblical author Ecclesiastes wrote back in Old Testament times: “And I saw that there was nothing new under the sun, that which was and will be, that which was done, that which will be done… And the multiplication of knowledge only multiplies sorrow… And all is but vanity-vanity, vexation of spirit, and all manner of vanity.” Great and terrible words! And they are a direct sentence to humanity, because no one can escape from the vicious circle of birth and death.

    But sometimes, in this swarm of earthworms, a diamond suddenly flashes – a new idea that has never existed before has been born. So the wheel was invented, agriculture and cattle breeding were invented, a spindle appeared that clothed every person, a potter's wheel turned, and money enslaved the whole world. Printing, metallurgy, navigation, and aeronautics were also born first in the mind of one person. Not to mention electricity, telephones, movies, television, and worldwide computerization. And this is not “making changes in a vicious circle”, these are radical and revolutionary ideas that change the world. All these are the fruits of the thoughts and decisive actions of INDIVIDUAL PEOPLE, whom we call geniuses. But they were born and raised among us simple frogs. They were also weighed down by the iron weight of conservative society, the dogmatism of parents and the stick primitivism of the school. But they broke out! They threw out a new idea that forced stagnant humanity to rise one more step in its development…so it's not so bad and hopeless in our “most beautiful of worlds”…

  2. “…we're just making edits.” In the question itself, there is a refutation of it. Strict replication does not provide for changes, but even insignificant “edits” /increments of the function of the mind can gradually reach the “critical mass” of an intellectual breakthrough that opens the stated “vicious circle”.

    Without delving into the wilds of dialectics with its law of the transition from quantity to quality, we can assume that “genius sleeps in each of us… and every day it gets stronger”.

  3. Would you like to grow up in the jungle and study quantum physics by the time you reach adulthood? Continuity is the main condition for the development of human culture. Adopting something from the previous generation, the new generation decides whether to leave it unchanged, reject it, or modify it. And when the continuity/connection of generations is disrupted, as is happening now, the culture begins to degrade.

  4. Well, that's about it. Man has ceased to be a beast since he learned to transmit information. Then there were schools, books, and now the Internet. Of course, the amount of knowledge is increasing. This is not surprising. Even in animals, cubs are raised by their parents and learn from their life experience. Just a law of nature.

  5. Recently, the world has changed so much that it is a sin to complain about the monotony. During the 20th century, the spiritual paradigm (religion-atheism-religion) has changed radically in Russia several times, and scientific achievements are changing consciousness from real to virtual.

    The fact that a person is constantly experiencing a craving for some kind of change of consciousness, says that a person is involved in the evolutionary process. In the last century, it was different ideologies, now it is different genders, in the next century it will be, for example, the replacement of intelligence with some kind of intuitive insight. KMK the future belongs to religion.

  6. not a circle, but a very short line: we don't know anything about our great-grandparents, it's not customary to take an interest in them, but there is something new around us, and in us, in each generation

  7. A person, being born, lives in a certain society, in a system with certain rules and requirements for its members. We get these rules as experience from our parents and knowledge at school. All our lives we adapt to the system, because if you are not in society, then you are antisocial: no one will be friends with you, you will not be chosen as a partner, and finally you will not be hired. To survive, we must comply with the requirements of the complex mechanism of society.

    If you look at history, outstanding historical figures have always tried to change the basis of society-people's thinking, to shift the norms of collective thinking. Example: Jesus, Muhammad, Karl Marx, Lenin, etc.

  8. The closeness of this cycle is very easily explained, even more so on the surface. When raising children, every parent, at least up to a certain age, puts into their child not only what they want to see in him, but also their fears, desires, even those that they themselves do not suspect. https://darknet.chat/ there is a topic, although the question in my opinion sounds a little different, but they also talk interestingly.

  9. There is certainly some truth in this, but still, you can argue! The development of civilization as a whole is the development of each generation separately, and each subsequent generation is much smarter and more developed, and thus progress occurs. Therefore, no matter how much the parental experience affects us, we can get out of this framework! I really like to philosophize, you can learn a lot of interesting thoughts darknet. chat

  10. To say that someone can impose their thoughts on another person is nonsense, this can not be. Neither your parents, teacher, or friend can impose anything on you. “To think is to speak to oneself, to hear oneself.”Kant. Listen to yourself, improve and the whole world will change for you!!! With respect.

  11. You don't read much. �Even less – you can choose to read it yourself. �That leaves life experience. Without your own self-selected and read books, your own thoughts in your head may begin to appear in old age… or don't start.

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