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  1. I won't name one person. This is always the sum. For example, unquestioning loyalty to the ideas of democracy and human rights can be taken from those who are fighting cops and policemen in different squares. Knowledge of historical truth (not to be confused with knowledge of history) can be taken from Novodvorskaya. She has the same courage, honesty, refusal to conform. The highest degree of patriotism-Nemtsov. Akunin's intelligence. Bykov's erudition. Ilya Novikov's principled attitude. The fearlessness of the man who stood in front of the tanks in Tien an-Min Square. Yeltsin's self-sacrifice. Knowledge in the field of Gaidar economics. Understanding the processes in the world-Merkel. It is also an understanding of how to make life in the country as comfortable as possible for the average person. And there are also parents, wife, child, brother, friends and cousins-second cousins. These are pieces of morality that will never unite in one person. Here are your heroes…

    Tolstoy is a misogynist. Gandhi is a hero, of course, but his program of action was a failure. This is only a qualified oppositionist, nothing more. Luther is an anti-Semite and an ardent Christian in general. Exupery – I don't know much about him. He's not the only one who knows how to write sweet, disgusting books. So no one is perfect.

    I have a channel about literary studies, where we discuss the development of society using examples from literature: https://t.me/smertavtora

  2. Oyushki. Well, I'll tell you honestly, no matter how it sounds. I have two people in my head: my wife and my first love. There is no idealization here. One 26 years know, divorced in full, with resentment and hatred even, again together figovu cloud of years, four children together… And no matter what happened, I knew that she wouldn't lie, that she could rely on her with ironclad confidence, that she would give the people who framed her a chance and support her; that generosity and generosity were not in gestures, but in everyday life and day after day…

    The other is oh, 33 years old. No, I won't sing praises here, but I have one thing after another in my mind right now…

    I'd like to think I'm something… um… worthy, whatever that means, is if…

  3. Boris Akunin. This talented writer, if not formed, then precisely organized all my personal views and beliefs. He and his literary heroes are for me not only an example to follow, but also a Path worth following all my life. Modest, intelligent, absolutely honest, he has the rarest quality among people – unmistakably separates good from evil. For some reason, sometimes he reminds me of Chekhov. Only more mature and knowing the world better, or something…

  4. Due to my religious attitude to modern preaching in the form of television programs, shows, and political talk shows, many of their presenters, guests, experts, mentors, and participants (in the Voice) are my moral guides.

    By analogy with Jesus Christ, the living King of Judea, Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has recently been revealed to the world, is the people's “king” of our fatherland – our moral guide. Sergey Lavrov, Sergey Shoigu and, accordingly, the heads of State and Government of the commonwealth of fraternal sovereign states of the one Kingdom of God the Father are my moral guidelines for being able to make decent friends with our President.

  5. My dad. No, it is not even great, and its contribution to world history is limited to our tiny village in the south of Ukraine. No, he is definitely not ideal, he was not and will not be. An ordinary retired teacher, a bit of a procrastinator, a bachelor at heart, and in the evenings a poet and a big fan of grieving about the past. He saved his only daughter's life twice and lost to her three times in chess. Taught a top-secret language of communication with any animal, work on the ground and (self)ironic attitude to life. Still not averse to giving a scolding for an uneaten breakfast and telling a folk tale at night.

    This hero of my time is an example for me, both positive and negative. I learn from his mistakes, listen to his advice, and challenge them. His life is a storehouse of the most diverse experiences, which his father, alas, is not always happy to share.

  6. Among the Russians, perhaps, is Lev Shlosberg from Pskov, who is always ready to do anything to help ordinary people with their troubles, who seeks the truth and is not afraid to tell it, even if he is beaten, even when he is expelled from the local parliament.

    Sergey Parkhomenko, whom I have not personally communicated with and only met a couple of times, is very important to me as the creator of two incredibly necessary public organizations: a Dissernet that checks the dissertations of well-known administrators from science and just officials, and the Last address that perpetuates the memory of the repressed. Well, a lot of good books as a publisher printed.

    From the West, I would single out a very unexpected person – Jannet Sadiq Khan, an urbanist and transport expert. She created the modern look of New York, which is wonderful in itself, but it doesn't reflect her moral qualities. And it reflects the fact that this fragile-looking and very easy-to-communicate woman did all this under every second pressure from various lobbyists from transport, from the mayor's office, from a cloud of organizations. But it didn't bend and made the city comfortable.

  7. Of course, getting acquainted with the works of thinkers is useful for forming a worldview. It is only important to remain unprincipled and remember relativity.Now I am interested in the works of Friedrich Nietzsche,they are suitable for me, and they are part of my thinking,but only a part!

  8. Eduard Limonov.

    In order not to paint too much, here is just a quote:

    “The wisdom of life is simple-you have gained consciousness, you feel that there are forces for more than the fate of a mere mortal, immediately go and cut down on the barricades of life.Do not feel sorry for yourself, strain yourself mercilessly, exploit yourself like a dog.Be arrogant, develop megalomania,and look up to the great.Be hard on yourself,but also enjoy your victories.Otherwise, you'll just sit at the “Mirror Jet”, the story will no longer work, it will stand rusty and cracked.”

  9. Vadim Tumanov. A man who managed to get rich (by Soviet standards) while sitting in Stalin's gulag and earn his freedom with only the strength of spirit, will and hard honest work. Without a doubt, this is a unique role model in our country.

  10. I would like to single out the Slovenian cultorologist and philosopher Slavoj Zizek among the current thinkers. There are some aspects voiced by him that are very close to objectivity and reality.

    1. History. As it has been repeatedly stated, this cultural phenomenon does not develop linearly, but in a spiral. Take a close look at our reality – some scenarios are repeated in some countries and have already occurred earlier in others, for example. Slava Zizek confirms the idea that history is moving in a spiral:”…The historical process is not a progressive movement. Progress is replaced by regression…”

    2. Movie. The well-known book “Pervert's Movie Guide” was written about this, and at the same time a documentary film of the same name was shot. Slava refers to Hitchcock, Lynch, Tarkovsky, Wachowski, etc. It is remarkable to think that cinema is a reflection of our hidden, undisclosed desires. So, mass culture is passed through the prism of Freudian psychoanalysis.

    3. Ideology. Zizek draws attention to the fact that ideology is a tool of delusion: “… just consists in ” obscuring problems, we are constantly being misled. Someone “says that the cause of troubles is “atheism and”our sins, “someone” says that it is a ” value crisis. But that's all nonsense. No one “knows”exactly what's going on right now.”

  11. Perhaps, today it is impossible for a person to find truly correct landmarks in the media mass. All this background is so saturated with various information that the most correct recipe for finding a landmark is the following::

    • All the thinkers listed in the question are mandatory for at least a cursory reading (maybe something will “hook” you, and you will not be able to tear yourself away). These are recognized authorities, so avoiding them is harmful to each of us.
    • Today's phenomena of this kind should be taken with skepticism (which, I am sure, you know). Comparing and interpreting “old” ideas in the new century will save this world from madness.
    • Humanism is our guide. For seven centuries, humanity has known about it, but it has not been able to fully use the brilliant teaching. Or doesn't want to.
      I have no doubt that the person who asked this question will find the right guidelines. There is no doubt about those who read all these answers. All of you are already interested in this topic, and I hope that you will not be selfish, but will develop similar thoughts among your acquaintances, friends, and relatives.
  12. If we talk about a negative moral reference point (it doesn't have to be positive, right?), for me it's the contemporary writer Thomas Ligotti. In his homeland, in the United States, he is famous as one of the most unusual masters of horror, working in an original style, which some call “intellectual horror”, others – “philosophical horror”. Ligotti was noted for his collaboration with the band Current 93. Behind the author's shoulders is the philosophical book “Conspiracy against Humanity”, which expresses pessimistic views on human civilization and being in general.

    On the other hand, I think Viennese psychotherapist Viktor Frankl, who died in the 90s, may well serve as a positive moral guide. He has devoted his entire life to existential psychotherapy, helping people find their own meaning in life. And he did it, even as a prisoner of a concentration camp. Frankl's book “Man in Search of Meaning” helped me overcome depression and find the strength to search for my meaning in life.

  13. Mr. Rodchenkov. And he is much bolder and more necessary to society than your mannequins. They risked almost nothing. And my favorite character escaped from poisoning in just 12 hours, and two of his friends did not have time…

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