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  1. “From love to hate is one step.” – it's hard for me to agree with this statement. And it is even more difficult to come up with an example for this statement.

    With the paraphrased phrase, the situation is different. In English, there is an expression “love to hate” – “love to hate”. A situation in which hating someone causes that very feeling of emotional uplift and happiness. A simple example: a repulsive character in a movie, the feeling of dislike for which causes more joy than the appearance of the most beloved character.�

    I would also refer to this concept as grotesque – ” So terrible, let me see!”. Of course, not everything that is bad and causes hatred will cause you the same feeling of happiness and love. However, terrible things, no matter how strange and sad it may sound, often attract a person.

    Simple psychology, sociology and no magic! It seems to me that we urgently need to enrich our speech with another turn of speech, “one step from hate to love”. The main thing is not to forget that some things only deserve that we love to hate them!

  2. Love and hate? I beg you, the opposite of love is indifference. If you get into a situation in a relationship where you are completely indifferent to your partner or vice versa, then it becomes very painful.�

    In the case of hatred, it is not just born. Feelings for a person with hatred may remain, but they will already be diluted with this unpleasant emotional sediment.

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