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  1. I really like to look at the starry night sky without taking my eyes off it. Only here the clouds sometimes interfere , but I still really like it. And what do you like to look at without taking your eyes off?

  2. On small children when they sleep or play, on puppies, kittens, on the forest, on sunset and dawn, on how the clouds move across the sky. For some works of art.

  3. On a smile, a person smiles with his mouth or eyes. Not a grin or a smirk, but a kind smile. On the eyes, especially if they are not looking at me and at the face in principle. On a loved one, it is clear so. I love to watch the sun's rays pass through the leaves. If you abstract, you can see a bunch of different forms intertwining with each other, an abstract living natural creation. I can always stare at the clouds at dusk and dawn. Especially because with my vision in -6, you can't really see anything, so only when I'm wearing lenses do I notice the lambs on them, it looks like a picture. Looking at the stars, sighing dreamily and thinking about something very sublime. I can always look at kittens, it seems to me that these are the only creatures from which I am constantly (constantly!) touched and make corresponding sounds. On food (although no, in the end I don't hold back).:)

  4. How to remove a ready-made,just-welded prosthesis from the cuvette(the technicians will understand this).And also on spiders, as they hunt in the natural environment, and not in terrariums of any kind.Today I realized that this is a great show.There was a time when I was in love,I wanted to look into the eyes of a loved one forever.And also on wood, on its texture, on the system of bast fibers.That's all that comes to mind so far.

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