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  1. The beginning of a new life can help to get acquainted with new, previously unknown information. After all, when you perceive the world around you, you are guided by the information that is already, one way or another, in your mind. In this regard, I will quote Vladimir Pozner: “We see and hear only what we want to see and hear, filtering out what contradicts our beliefs and views.” In other words, if your perception of the world leads you to a state of depression, then we can conclude that your views and beliefs contribute to the formation of such a picture of the world, in which you lose interest in life. Therefore, I advise you to get acquainted with various teachings, because by coming into contact with something unknown, learning something new, you rearrange your perception and form a new picture of the world, which can serve as the beginning of a new life.

  2. You need to learn to enjoy life, in all its forms, no matter what it is. Give up perfectionism. Learn positive thinking, see only the good in everything. Filter incoming information in your head. There are so many different problems in everyday consciousness that the inner life energy simply dissipates, changes the inner state. The average person lives in moments, from pleasant to pleasant, and cannot fill the gaps with joy. At best, it just arrives in a neutral state. People with a deep inner state, constantly live with a sense of pleasure. Such an internal state can serve as the beginning of a new quality of life.

  3. for example, you can be diagnosed and find out exactly whether you are really depressed or just tired of everything. if in fact-to be treated. if not, that's fine.

  4. First, I would advise you to dream less about a certain “new life”. This is counterproductive.

    If you actually have depression, which will be a more important problem than laziness, if you suffer and can not live normally and enjoy life, then contact a therapist. If this problem is not so acute for you , then contact a psychologist. This is absolutely real and affordable, the only point is that it can be expensive, but then again, how can you spare money on your health? This will be a very useful step in the right direction.

    When it comes to laziness, it's important to understand a few things. The first is that laziness, to some extent-to a greater or lesser extent – is a lack of motivation. Maybe laziness appears with the activity that you do not want to do at all? Then you can look for another motivation to do these things. The second is that laziness consumes. The longer you allow yourself to stay in this state, the harder it will be to get out of it. If you are already completely bogged down), then get out in small steps, gradually increasing the load. It works.

    And also remember that you are not always lazy and depressed! I am absolutely sure that you will be able to remember from your life such moments (even if they are few) when you were hardworking, motivated, happy, enjoyed and enjoyed life). Remember? Here. Good. Don't forget that😊 Good luck to you)

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