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  1. I believe that in general, being in constant development, a person finds happiness, especially when he sees the result firsthand.Naturally, like charisma, success is not an innate quality. Success is more likely a combination of just the same charisma, skills / experience and a little luck. The better your skills in %summoning_sphere_who_want_to_perfect%, experience, and charisma are developed, the higher your chance of success and good luck.What should I study?First, learn what you are interested in. From small to large, like a snowball, you will start from the topics that interest you, thereby taking the first steps, and then you will understand for yourself, because life is just like that. It is important to analyze your own actions, soberly evaluate everything, do not give in to fear well, according to the list.I also recommend reading about successful people that you like.

  2. I remember that in KVN there was a funny dialogue on this topic:
    “Is Masha studying?”
    “Masha already knows how.”
    So, to be successful, you need to already be able to.

    And all these “learn every day” – this is for those who are looking for a magic pill, but at the same time want to be in trend, and to have something to brag about.
    Well, or to fool people's brains.
    That is, yes, before you can learn, you still have to learn, and this is quite natural.
    But the process does not replace the result, so even if a person really learns every day, then it's not a fact that he will learn, and it's not a fact that he will stop in time. Or even not the fact that what he learns at least somehow will be useful.
    But not it �can be earned by those who teach. 😉
    Or, in other words: it's better to learn than to flatter yourself with the thought “I learn every day”

  3. oh, this muddy desire to be “successful”at all costs… First, decide what meaning you mean by this word. Be successful in the professional field? In your personal account? In the spiritual one? Secondly, the measure of success is again different for everyone, and even if you consider yourself successful, society or its individual representatives will think differently (you will not please everyone, yes). Here's a good example. First: for example, a businessman from the Forbes list who sees his children once a month (his wife is tired of seeing a person who comes home just to sleep, and she left and took them away), is constantly in nervous tension (in our country it is not enough to create a business, you need to dance around it 24 hours a day to find something), health problems Second: a well-known grandfather in our city-a janitor of 70-80 years old, who is already on his feet with his dogs from six in the morning – I sometimes have the feeling that he cleans almost half of the city center. Always in the fresh air, among people, with a healthy face never leaves the smile. So which of these two is more successful?

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