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  1. To live unrighteously means not only to live untruthfully. Everyone has their own truth. It means living in defiance of your conscience, living to the detriment of your body and soul, fulfilling someone else's will, forgetting about what you need yourself.

  2. Let us, dear sirs and ladies, change the word “Truth” to the word “Rule” – the world of our Bright Gods and say otherwise: “Do you live according to the Rule? You know our Light Gods (Rod, Ingle, Svarog, Perun, Dazhdbog, Veles)? Do you know what Konam they taught us, rusov? And if You know their Vedas, Covenants, Kona, then You live according to the Truth; then You stand to the death for your Kind and kindred Kinds; then You live according to the Common Conscience, which unites all the truths of our world.

  3. Yes, not in truth, not in truth, not according to the laws established by God. That is, not to strive to get closer to God, but on the contrary – to move away from him. As a result, you can fall into the clutches of the devil.

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