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  1. Well yes. and eating means choking.

    to train means to kill yourself.
    and to work is to die.

    That's right, exactly. and nothing else.

    Life doesn't have to be pleasant. only pain)))

    You know, if love brings you grief. this means that you either love the wrong person ( i.e., you are doing something wrong) or you love the wrong person ( and it still means that you are doing something wrong).

  2. “To love is to suffer. In order not to suffer, you must not love, but then you will suffer from what you don't love. So to love is to suffer, but not to love is also to suffer, and to suffer is to suffer. To be happy, you must love, so you must suffer, but suffering makes a person unhappy, so to be unhappy, you must love, or love, in order to suffer or suffer from an excess of happiness. I wish you could take notes after me.”(love and death 1975)


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