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  1. To what extent and how can “escort services” provided by women be harmful to society?

    Would you like your mother, sister, wife, or daughter to be prostitutes?

    So you shouldn't wish for others what you don't want for yourself.

  2. Not by how much and in no way.

    For example, you use the services of escort agencies. Or prostitutes. I don't use it.�

    You are a society, a part of society. And I am a society, a part of society.�

    For me, as a part of society, this use of you is not a problem. If you smoke in my presence, it is harmful, not only to you, but also to me )

    But it's not a problem for you as a part of society, either, as long as you're doing it, right?

    Well, for whom is the harm here?

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