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  1. As soon as you try to take one side or the other, depending on your beliefs. If you look around, it is almost impossible to find good or evil in their pure form, embodied in the person. There is always a bit of deception, hypocrisy, justifying one's own weakness, complexes, etc.

    Many people do not suspect that the choice of what kind of person you want to be: good or bad, is quite capable of claiming to find the meaning of life. It is because of the constant conflict of these concepts in the soul of each of us.

    Curiously, in the Bible, the fruit is plucked from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Although a detailed analysis is more likely to suggest that Pandora's box contained ordinary feelings. But they are not a reflection of the pure forms of good and evil, but only a side effect of the struggle of these structures in our soul.

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