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  1. This is a self-contradictory position. To assert the illusory nature of the perception of reality, it is necessary to compare the data of perception with reality as such, in addition to perception. That is, people who express such a position, for comparison, should have access to reality as such, in addition to their perception. But they also deny this possibility, that is, they cannot know what reality is as such, and they cannot compare it with their perception. Apart from this perception, they have nothing. The rest is just unproven assumptions.

  2. not about uncertainty, but about relativity.

    A person's perception is not only not perfect, but also selective.
    You don't need an opinion here. this is a medical and physico-chemical fact.

    The way the world works, our eyes don't see much, and our ears don't hear very well either. and moreover, of all that we hear, see, and feel, only a small part is realized by us, and the rest is “background”.

    There is no uncertainty here. if your eyes can't see in ultraviolet light or at night , it doesn't mean that the world is uncertain. this means that you just need to bring your night vision goggles.

    Just awareness of your own eem… imperfections are the engine of all progress.

    almost all scientific achievements, from simple medicines to airplanes, are connected precisely with the fact that a person is not able to do something by himself and is not satisfied with it.

    We want to see more, hear better, fly, move faster, be warm, and so on. what's so vague about that?)

    1. There are no problems with our perception, to what stage the organs of perception have developed, and it is normal for human evolution.

    2. What does the uncertainty of “everything” have to do with it, you're not talking about the world, but about our perception )) You probably wanted to say about the illusory nature of reality, and tried to add something about perception to the question as well?

    Well, what can I say, you did NOT succeed ))

    1. If the argument is about ideas of the illusory nature of the world, then they do not lead to anything, do not be afraid. After all, the authors of these ideas are illusory like the ideas themselves, i.e. they never affect anything in the real world ))

    PS – the best and simplest way to discuss with an inadequate person is to mirror their own ideas back to them. Immediately a complete collapse occurs ))

  3. The problem is not illusory — yes, we perceive the world quite limited and with many distortions, a fact. But, at least, these restrictions are generally more or less the same for all of us — so it is quite possible to live with them.

    But derealization-this can already be a serious symptom, it's better not to joke with it.

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