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  1. The symptoms you describe resemble a condition called “Sleep paralysis”, usually harmless, except for psychological discomfort, but can be the result of certain disorders in the body.

    According to statistics (which I know), about 7% of people on the planet have experienced sleep paralysis at least once in their lives.

  2. Your feelings are described in Robert Alan Monroe's book “Getting Out of the Body”. In short, vibrations and tinnitus occur when the physical body falls asleep and consciousness passes to the sensation of the etheric body.

  3. Yes, I've had it happen. When I'm lying down and I can't move anymore, but I'm aware of everything, it's terrible, the feeling that I'm trapped in my body, like in a cage, is terrible..

  4. similar symptoms can occur with the old witch syndrome,it is not a disease. Google “old witch syndrome” and read it, maybe something will become clear.

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