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  1. It is unlikely that Plato and Socrates were homosexual in the modern sense of the word. The maximum is bisexual. The culture of ancient Greece was quite tolerant and even more so, encouraged bisexuality. A man could be married and at the same time be in a relationship with another man – in the role of a junior/passive or senior/active partner, depending on his own maturity – and this behavior was considered as a standard. But there was apparently no particular compulsion to do so, and those men who did not want to have homo – or heterosexual relationships did not have to have them.

    Almost nothing is known about Plato's personal life, perhaps he was even a virgin. About Socrates, it is known that he was married, and also had relationships with men, at least with Alcibiades. Of course, neither of us held a candle, but the version of their love affair is very plausible.

    And yes, this is history, not philosophy.

  2. Sexual norms in ancient Athens differed from modern ones. They were much more liberal. Perhaps the whole point is that the “main god” of Athens is Apollo, the god of beauty, sports.
    Alcibiades also approached Socrates, but as far as I know, Socrates refused, saying that Alcibiades wants to exchange wisdom for bodily pleasures. Zafrendzonil shorter.

  3. The confusion with Socrates arose from the fact that he was condemned “for seducing the young” (which was misunderstood in our time), although in fact his contemporaries were referring to the arguments about the gods and other arguments that confused the minds of his young admirers.

  4. They were well-to-do citizens, and hardly differed in everyday life from the representatives of their class. Having the young and beautiful of one's own sex to support them was a custom and nothing out of the ordinary. In the fiction of the time, this is described in detail, without any signs of condemnation. for example, in one novel, the hero discusses with friends a gift that he is going to make to his lover – thoroughbred horses. Everything is fine…

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