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  1. This is actually an interesting question. The option with movies, books and everything else immediately comes to mind.�

    If we consider the issue from the side of “non-admission” of these very mistakes, then this is probably almost unrealistic. Somewhere, but it will pop up, it is impossible to be ready for everything. Although there is such a possibility, but then someone will be lucky.

    If you think about directly replacing these mistakes by guessing or based on information received from some source (for example: you will see a story in the media about a person who accidentally fell on the tracks, which led to his death, then you will probably be more careful when you are in the subway/train station next to this transport), even so there is no 100% probability that you will be able to use this information.�

    In the end, we can come to the conclusion that not all experience can be theoretical, since everything is learned in practice. You can only hope that things like accidents, illnesses, and other difficult moments will pass you by.

  2. This is not possible to the full extent, because life experience arises in the process of cognition. And as you know, the trial and error method is very popular and approved by science. However, the logical strategy applies to everything. In short, rational thinking. In other words, sanity. In the end, I am ready to admit that this is a purely axiological question. One person's mistakes can become victories for others. Adjust the bar to fit you, or put barriers in front of you. The main thing to remember is that failures will always happen, but success is the work of the person himself.

  3. No way, really. Put out of your mind the idea that “smart” people learn from the mistakes of others.�

    Every day you can listen to other people's tragic stories about certain life situations. You get into it, and then you make a note in your head, saying, so and so, I certainly will not step on this rake.�

    And yes, you understand that in a given situation, you should have a certain attitude that will save you from repeating the problems of another person. However, make no mistake about it.�

    You immerse yourself in certain situations, especially those related to relationships between people only superficially, at the level of the listener. Yes, you can hear perfectly well how bad things were when someone else was betrayed by their best friend, or when your girlfriend broke up with someone for some reason.�

    You listen, however, because of the superficiality of these judgments, and the lack of experience, you still make mistakes. And this story repeats itself, only with you, and not with your friend.�

    But how so? You've listened to a lot of stories with a similar plot, watched a lot of movies.. However, it did happen. And why the hell does it hurt so much?�

    Yes, just because you have no experience in this. No matter how many stories you hear, you will never understand what it means to betray a loved one until you feel it for yourself. For a long time, you will assume that your loved ones will always be there for you, until one of them turns around and leaves your life, slamming the door loudly.�

    Of course, I'm talking more about relationships right now. In terms of work, or some other everyday things, yes, some banal things like “if I check every day whether I locked the door, then I will not be robbed like my neighbors a couple of weeks ago”, of course, most likely, will save you from a possible invasion of robbers…�

    But there are many things that are learned only with experience. And this is absolutely normal, given that a person learns, he should learn from mistakes. This is life.�

    In general, if the answer is dry to your question, just read more. Read instructions, read books, read something that will give you a picture of what will happen “if I do this.” This applies more to everyday things.�

    Following basic safety rules is likely to save you a lot of trouble. Don't you agree?�

    But also accept that we all tend to make mistakes. Learn, it's your life. Everyone gets a shock. The main thing is to learn from them.

  4. You can't avoid making mistakes. But you can reduce their number by a few, in my opinion, simple manipulations:

    1) First, analyze what exactly you want. Separate the goals from the means to achieve them and don't mix them up. Maybe you want a private car. Or maybe just drive two kilometers from home to work and back, and that's it. In the second case, it would be wiser to buy, I don't know, a bicycle. Maybe you want a family. Or maybe you're just too lazy to do the dishes. If so, buy a dishwasher.

    2) Use other people's experience. In most cases, any situation that can happen to you has already happened to someone else, often millions of times. You're not the only one who's been dumped by a girl. Not the first person to bury their parents. And even a friend who asks to become a guarantor in a million-dollar loan is not only you. Look for similar stories, I don't know, but you'll find one on Peekaboo.

  5. I will answer you with a quote from one wonderful person: “You can't make a mistake” and as the poet Eliot said, ” to learn what you don't know, you need to go down the road of ignorance.” So, in a good way!

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