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  1. For God's sake, live for the day. And I personally want to live longer, so I probably won't smoke, drink, or eat anything else. Yes, and dubious udovolstviya. frankly speaking.

  2. Everyone, of course, has their own. I'll just leave a quote from Hunter Thompson here: “Life should be a journey to the grave, not with the intention of arriving safe and in a beautiful, well-preserved body, but rather of skidding in, in a puff of smoke, completely exhausted and worn out, loudly proclaiming -” What a ride!”.

  3. My personal opinion coincides with the opinion of the author of the question exactly the opposite. Junk food, alcohol, cigarettes THEMSELVES drive us into the framework, and to be more precise, they drive into the framework of the duration of our life, the completeness of perception of this world and the objectivity of our own choice. Having freed yourself from “restrictions”, you should not forget that not everything in this world is beneficial.

  4. And then, not immediately, but definitely, “there will come a day when something will get seriously ill, and then something else” and there will be many such days. �Happy future.

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