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  1. Greetings to humanity from the year 4020. I am sending this sad letter 2000 years in the past to the most scientific and info resource of the 21st century Yandex in connection with your question — “What's in the future?”

    Bad news. Humanity is facing extinction. For more than 20 years, we have solved all the problems on Earth and in the entire Solar System. We didn't expect it ourselves. The tasks suddenly ended. Everything! Completely! We know how to cure cancer and how to get cheap thermonuclear energy. We know how the universe was formed and how to send letters to the past. We know all the answers to questions that begin with the words: why, how, where, where, when, how, why, etc.

    But there was another danger. The need to solve problems has disappeared. In school textbooks, there are no tasks at all. A tiny quantum computer built behind your ear gives you an immediate correct answer to any question. A new generation has grown up, completely unable to solve even simple tasks on their own. They are similar to us, to people, but in fact they are already distortions.

    Only you can save us! Stop working so hard on your tasks. There are a limited number of them. Take more walks in nature and exercise. This is the only thing that can slow down the relentless course of human evolution.

    Your great-great-grandfather … grandson from 4020.

  2. People are two interconnected systems: 1) Biological – The human body 2) Energy – the human biofield


    And in this Ether, many generations of people continue to fully live, whose lives continued in Another Energy Dimension.

    But even on THE PHYSICAL LEVEL OF THE PLANET EARTH, people live biologically and energetically fully or imperfectly.

    Someone is born weak and dies as an infant, either in youth or in adulthood. Someone has an active Energy of Thoughts, and someone lives without understanding either themselves or their thoughts at all.

    People live in different worlds and often can not agree among themselves, living at different PHYSICAL AND ENERGY LEVELS OF DEVELOPMENT.

    And this must be taken as a fact of uneven development of different people . And as a biological history of human development at different stages of its development.

    Humanity lives from the lowest Energy levels of development to the Energy of developed social formations and to the highest energies of physical levels of development of individuals.

    But humanity's hope for survival, as a species, lies in the birth of full-fledged children. Because the baby's brain is able to absorb the knowledge of any social formation. A child in different societies becomes different, because it absorbs the energy of knowledge of the society in which it was born.

    In a full-fledged society, full-fledged people are born and develop.

    And it has nothing to do with the Time category.

    There is no such Energy as TIME.

    Time is designed for the convenience of calculating a person's affairs, which is determined by the Sunrises and Sunsets. Moon Rises and Sets.

    At first, sticks were marked on clay tablets or carved on tablets and they began to count them. A stick stuck in the ground was determined by the shadow. Then they came up with an hourglass, measuring out portions of sand. Then they came up with mechanisms where the pendulum stroke counted how many times the pendulum would pass back and forth (make the amplitude of the stroke) from sunrise to sunset. Divided evenly: 12 hours of daytime running and 12 hours of night running.

    Time is the communication of a person with a social society, which includes a person in its production and transmits to a person the accumulated knowledge of this society.

    Different societies are located at different levels of economic and social benefits and transmit certain knowledge formed for transmission to their younger generation.

    The quality of development and life of people depends entirely on the quality of development of the social society in which a person was born.

    The ideal society will be one in which robots will perform huge computational and heavy work. And then a person will be as free as possible from mechanical production, creating only analogs with their hands.

    The human brain will make discoveries while engaging in scientific creativity, gaining adequate knowledge about both its inner world and the external social world. As well as receiving data from robots exploring outer space.

    The most important thing for humans is the constant renewal of BIOLOGICAL EXISTENCE and ENERGETIC EXISTENCE. As soon as cell renewal ends, a person loses a Life. As soon as the Energy of Thought is lost, a person loses his life.

    And these existences of human life have nothing to do with the invented category of Time.

    Because ALL LIFE on Earth could be realized only due to the presence of the ENERGY OF THE LUMINOUS ETHER ON THE PLANET EARTH.

    The ether literally breathed Life into the cells, making them alive, that is, constantly updating and multiplying.

    And a person, through the circulatory system and breathing, simply bathes in the Natural Energy of Luminous Air, Water, Solar Radiation, and Earth's Heat.

    Man is purified, charged, lives, dies, and is reborn again, and reaches his highest Level of the Creator in this Energy of the LUMINOUS ETHER of PLANET EARTH.

    The fusion of two living cells marked the beginning of the life of everything on Earth.

    The energy of Conditioned and unconditioned reflexes created the Energy of Memory.


    And then the person learned to remember the ENERGY of the surrounding reality and this created his IMAGINATIVE PART of the brain.

    A person remembered in a SINGLE IMAGE the energy of odors of plants, water, external outlines, tastes, and the energy of sensations.

    And the person began to call these IMAGES-CASTS of the environment. So speech sounds appeared and the SPEECH DEPARTMENT was organized, and then the Logical Department, when a person learned to determine cause and effect.

    Everything is formed from Dark Matter and something goes away, dissolving into it, losing all its Natural Energy.

    That is why so many people are so afraid of death and get caught up in atheism, then in religion, then in various teachings, then shying away from one to the other. Without understanding themselves or their thoughts, these people die in fear and disease.

    And someone continues to live hard, consciously using the Natural Energy of the Luminous Ether, first passing through numerous Levels (of life)in the Energy of physical reality FROM the LOWEST TO THE HIGHEST.

    True, not everyone reaches the Highest Physical Level either.

    Therefore, it is already clearly visible how many peoples and people are dying out.

    These peoples and people have lost the Energy to survive their species and resist the forces of evil.

    And how few children were born, and how many children were born with damaged genetic energy and poor health.

    Those who acquire their knowledge and put it into practice through creative and joyful work, continue their life, increasing their Energy and calmly dying in the euphoria of leaving one body while moving to another.

    The cells of a calmly dying person produce endorphins to continue to energize the person's last thoughts in this life as they move on to another.

    From life to life, people are forced to pass from the lowest stages of the development of civilization from the use of primitive tools and difficult life to robotic production with artificial intelligence, directing monotonous production and creative manual labor of a person who receives and applies knowledge in practical work.

    This Highest Level of human physical civilization is described in detail by Jacques Fresco in his book and video.

    With such a level of development of the life of a community of people, humanity will be able to control the ENERGY of its THOUGHTS in order to be able to Anticipate and be able to obtain knowledge directly for itself from the UNIVERSAL MEMORY of the NOOSPHERE, which is possessed by the LIGHT-BEARING ETHER of PLANET EARTH.

    The energy of Thought will be able to activate and transform the human body into a full-fledged healthy active organism, remaining youthful and active for many full years.

    Now people in the race for wealth and power can not fully survive and their children are born with disabilities.

    No body of a woman or a man can give birth to a full-fledged child without love for each other and for the child.

    Because the Thought Energy of the used woman or man causes genetic and physical harm to the embryo already.

    Active Violence and coercion, or deception, give rise to active or passive rejection of the world in which a person is forced to live, A person mentally destroys the world he hates, and therefore children are born with genetic damage or embedded diseases of the brain and body.

    Many genetic genera of people die out before their children are born. Or a generation of young people dies prematurely, not knowing what to do with their bodies and brains.

    And now many people are in the race for material things, destroying their energy, not even realizing that this is ruining the continuation of their lives.

    But even now people have realized that the ENERGY of THE PHYSICAL LEVEL of PLANET EARTH is only the first Energy Level.

    And with the death of a person, his life does not end, but is prolonged already at the Energy Level in the Luminous Ether.

    After the physical body, there is a BUNDLE of ENERGY that comes out with the last breath of a person.

    And the BUNDLE of human ENERGY is his Long-term Memory (Energy DNA), which unfolds the life of a newly born person for his subsequent life.

    Thus, a person's life becomes PROLONGED in an incessant stream of new births, replacing obsolete old habits of conditional and unconditional reflexes of the Physical World.

  3. In the future, we will die. In the present, death awaits us. Death awaits us in the past. Death awaits us everywhere we look. She waits for us day and night, without closing her eyes. And we throw ourselves into each other's arms as if for the first time. She'll hold us tight, with a hazy look. Soft lips will whisper: I have come for you, the hour of death has struck, here are the keys to the room, go there when you arrive, call Professor Eichmann, he must give you a package, our people are already in town, good luck, comrade, the party is counting on you.

  4. In the future – millions of different variations of the development of trillions of events. Honestly, I wouldn't stop by. Knowing in advance the order of things will be quite boring to live, it is better to remain in sweet ignorance.

    But if you really want to know what is there in this future, you just need to collect all the available information material. What recent discoveries have been made? What are scientists working on the most right now? What is the global political situation? What are the values of modern people? What are the global changes in the laws? These and many other questions will help you develop a more or less clear understanding of the future. At least, its most plausible versions.

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