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  1. This phenomenon is called ASMR.

    It is characterized by sensations of goosebumps in the neck and back, tingling in the back of the head, general relaxation from certain tactile, visual, cognitive and sound stimuli. For the first time, based on the data from the Know Your Meme site, the term ASMR itself was recorded in 2010. This was the name of the group dedicated to this phenomenon. The definition came up during a discussion on the SteadyHealth forum, where there was an active discussion of the previously described sensations and reactions.

    Today, this movement is actively gaining popularity: you can find thousands of videos on YouTube, the main purpose of which is to cause goosebumps. ASMR-tists (as the authors of such channels call themselves) not only cut soap, but also mix paints, play with kinetic sand, sculpt from plasticine, etc.

    The nature of this phenomenon, to date, is insufficiently studied and has no scientific explanation. According to some fans of ASMR, such videos help to relax, distract from everyday life, in order to continue to engage in work more productively. However, not only such things help the brain to work more productively. You can also try simulators that are based on scientific methods and are aimed at developing cognitive functions.

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