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  1. The point is to get a kick out of everything you do. Live in pleasure, not according to modern standards and patterns, but exactly the way you want it:)

  2. There's no point! Life means Life!

    I spelled it out! I checked it a hundred times!

    I don't think I've ever made a mistake!

    But if you're in doubt, you can check it out again!

  3. In my opinion, the meaning of a person's life or existence lies in their purpose. Man is meant to be a part of being – God-all. What is the meaning of a cell's existence? Be a part of the body. Man, being a part of the infinite WORD (of all things, that is, God-formula), performs the function defined by this formula (law). Joy, suffering, any emotions that we experience all this is necessary for God to exist, otherwise it can not be. The only conclusion is that we are just like a cog in a large mechanism, or a cell in a large organism, and we serve for this purpose something and only in its interests. Freedom is an illusion. A person is not free, the word slave is appropriate here.

  4. You can always find fault with any answer to this question in one of the following ways::

    “What's the point?”,


    “Is this really life?”

    The question of the meaning of life has long been considered complex, but its complexity does not come from any of its “depth” or fundamental insolubility. This is all due to the vagueness of the wording and uncertainty in terminology. �

    Therefore, first you decide what meaning is meant, and what kind of life. Then substitute the resulting definitions in the table below, respectively, in a row and in a column, and see what you got as a result.

    If you can't find your own definition here, feel free to add a new row or column and fill in the answers as you see fit.

    If you haven't found the desired definition, but you can't formulate your own yet, then there is no point in “knowing the answer without knowing the question”.

  5. The real meaning of life is to come to the Lord(prayers,confessions,communion, unction). To remove the sins of their ancestors and their own, and to purify their race. And happiness in life-at the expense of opposition to evil. Joy should be a conscious choice, so that nothing bad can cloud it! :*

  6. Every item was created for something. Including life.Something helps something. Chair – to sit, herring – to catch it and eat.)). And a person. To help. As long as a person believes that he can benefit something or someone , he wants to participate in something, wants to live. Try, just a little bit, to feel that you are absolutely, completely useless to everyone, to everything. (Only, not too much – the heart will stop)… ))

  7. The Christian meaning of life consists in man's knowledge of good and evil. In man's experience of life without God. In the teaching of love. In gaining the knowledge that without God, a person becomes a slave to the desires of his passions.

  8. Life has only the meaning that you will fill it with.

    You can, of course, borrow it from your family, labor collective, state or society of philatelists. And even from strangers. But these will be other people's answers.

  9. Life is a process. It's always an action. If a person is outwardly inactive, then the human body acts to maintain life. In this regard, the meaning of living = acting. Another thing is that a person produces meanings – that is, mental images (in the simplest words: a picture + a program of action). What meanings are close to your soul? Produce them if it brings you inner satisfaction.

  10. How many times I see this question and each time I write, so that someone will see and understand that a non-objective person cannot write about the objective!

    The meaning of life in us is no more than in the life of an ant!

  11. You are always inventing a variety of completely biased” meanings ” of life. And at the same time, you always include “optimism”, “pessimism”, “lightness”, “happiness”, “realism”, “adyquatness”, which do not exist anywhere except inside your brain!�

    I will disappoint you – happiness and joy are just a chemical-neurological process and there is no magic in it. And optimism and pessimism are just the laws of a certain character back and forth. “Rialism” and “adikvatnost” are born out of narrow thinking, when you do not understand anything about anything other than everyday needs and sex and idealize their ” low ” interpretation.�

    There are no meanings in nature! Although… there is the most objective version of the meaning of life. You live only to die. After death, you will become food for all sorts of microorganisms and feed the living nature with your body. This is the law of Mendeleev: “If in one place it decreases, then in another place it remains.” This law guarantees you such an unusual “immortality”.

    The button for cons is just below.�

    Comments for insults and accusations of inadequacy at the bottom.

  12. Meaning �life �and � purpose �clear �each �their � one �enough � to enjoy �disconnect �and �to catch �sense � �in �elusive �images �and � nonsense, �not �realizing � your �state �in �space,forgetting �its purpose, and may not � knowing �results �these �of smilovice �monotonous �and obvious. � Most �just not �set �this question, �this �category �lives �exclusively �one �day � and �one �purpose �quickly � disconnect �and �become � pig, �breaking �all �connection � with �man �reasonable. � Many � live �in �narrow �interest �family �and �etc. �And �finally �the �category �which � concerned � �brand �all, they �interesting �past, �they �looking for �solutions �in �current �time �they � d u m a u t �about � �future �their �also � enough �a lot. It is important for them to work, learn ,and improve.. Search �ways �and �methods �renewal � life, �they �concerned � �to �their �children �lived �longer �and �go to �experiments � �at the risk of sometimes �his �life �them �important �to �there �in �darkness the people �lived �better �and �longer. �Here �in this �that �and � �seen �I sense �life � person. �And �when �such �people �will prevail �only �then � country � will find �true �way �and �population � finally � rise �with �of all fours and �feel �yourself � g R a W d a n n o m �C e th � country, and �to live �will be � with � other �goals, dreams �and �sense, �and �not � to live �in blank, �hypocritical �and �false � dusk �violence �and lawlessness. � Exclusively �personal � reflections � �pensioner �sinker � life �roads …

    Nikolay Каз Kazakov

  13. As a living being-to reproduce and pass on information, as a single organism – to suffer as little as possible and satisfy all your needs as much as possible, as a rational being – to find it (meaning) for yourself among hundreds of options. Because there is really no meaning and can not be, life is not a goal and not an intention, life is a process, it can be “how?” and “why?”, but not “why?” You live because it happened, but no one stops you from coming up with your own reasons

  14. In love. Any living organism in nature tends to increase its population. There is a “love” mechanism for this. To love each other, to support and reproduce – that is our destiny. A person needs a person. And the rest is beyond our comprehension.

  15. The question about the meaning of life can sound different, for example: Why do I live?, Is there a purpose in my life?

    The Bible reveals to us that the purpose of our lives is to develop friendship with God. Here are some of the most important bible truths.1. God is our creator. The Bible says: He (God) created us, and we are His people. 2. God has a purpose for all His creatures, including us. For thus says the Lord, who created the heavens, He, the God, who formed the earth and made it; He established it, not in vain; He created it,He formed it to dwell in: I am the Lord, and there is no other. Isaiah 45: 18.

    3. God created us with spiritual needs, including the need to find meaning in life. And He wants that need to be met. The Lord is near to all

    Those who call upon Him in truth (Psalm 144: 18).

  16. The point is that the collective mind tends to return home with the least possible effort. If an individual does not have a need for meaning in life, then he makes a big contribution to reducing the amount of data about the location of our home. If the need for meaning in life arises, then a person leaves behind data that will sooner or later be used in what will help us return home immortal and not in need of anything. Each person has information about our home embedded in them, but during puberty, our senses are dulled and replaced by the myths that helped us first become animals and then separate from them, replacing biological evolution with social and technological evolution. Those in need of a sense of life need to remember their life before the age of 3 and return to the state of the embryo. Everything that happens to us after 3-4 years is just trying to forget the cosmic catastrophe that the collective mind experienced in the body of the first ancestor. Most people are born crying, and there is more truth in this than in trying to break the ceiling of evolution.

  17. the word “meaning” correlates with the word “thought”, “design” and thus is associated with the process of cognition. Life is a process of learning, gaining experience, and most importantly, in my opinion, it is the task of correctly revealing Life as a mystery, as a Law, as a Phenomenon with a capital letter.�

    In the USSR there was such a film magazine I want to know everything. It always began with a quatrain:

    The nut of knowledge is hard, but still

    We are not used to retreating!

    It will help us to crack it

    Film magazine ” I want to know everything!”

    Of course, it should be added that knowledge is different from knowledge – there is a huge amount of information, interpretations, interpretations, paradigms, directions, points of view, coordinate systems, etc. in the world. And now to find the right, true, corresponding to the inherent meaning – the main meaning of our life. To reveal the secret of life while simultaneously revealing yourself and knowing who I am, what is the true image of things, the world and being in general.�

    Plato interestingly described the meaning of life: he said that humanity is in a cave, which metaphysically means being in illusions, in a distorted perception of everything. People can only judge the true world of ideas by the vague shadows on the cave wall. But a person can gain a better understanding of the world by constantly asking questions and finding answers.Visual Image ( images on the resource itself have not been loaded for a long time).

    The myth of Plato's cave can also be partly a good metaphor illustrating the meaning of human life – to get out of the world of illusions, distorted refraction into the light of God, into a perfect (ideal)world.

    Christ spoke even more openly on this topic: the gate is narrow and the path leading to life is narrow, and not many people find it. Based on this statement, the meaning of our life is to find a real life.

  18. I think that the meaning of life is in movement. You need to constantly move forward in self-improvement, in your career, in building relationships, later in raising and educating your children, etc. Set goals and objectives for yourself, strive for them, and don't stop there. Just do not forget about rest, everything should be in moderation.

  19. life itself as a phenomenon is not yet understood by us (there is no single concept), there are only a number of signs.

    that is, the question is not yet at our level 🙂

    that's when we learn to revive a pile of dust (a set of substances), i.e. we become Creators-then we will understand why.

  20. Yes, there is no meaning in life, who even came up with this? As if life is like some kind of quest in a computer game, where you get gold and experience, if you did everything right? Do not engage in nonsense and do not look for what is not there. There are your needs, your “important”, a person who has satisfied all the basic needs (security, flock, admiration), does not worry about any “meanings” at all, but simply lives for himself and that's it. That's the best thing you can do: do not worry at all about some “meanings” that are found only in the language nonsense of homosapiens, and in fact you will not find them in the daytime with fire.

  21. Each has its own meaning, personally I almost went crazy thinking about it, but after watching “Rick and Morty” I made a few conclusions for myself.�

    For example, the cartoon shows an infinite number of universes with the same people as us and thinking the same way, why live and shows calmly the death of characters and so on, but that's not the point. The point is that even as they go through all this, Rick and Morty continue to love their family. It makes no sense, nothing at all, there are still an infinity of such families, but they love them and you can say this is their meaning. They live with what they hold dear, and that's the point. Conditionally scored on the fact that there is no point, here

  22. I think the meaning of life is to overcome life's circumstances and yourself on the way to certain goals. After all, often people who have achieved certain goals, “realizing a dream”, realize after a while that this does not make them happy. The process itself is important. The fact of birth itself is the most important miracle . After all, you can lose everything in one moment, everything that you have achieved in life, no one has any guarantees, no matter what, in fact. �As in one famous movie: “Life is not a dogma, but a dance”. I.e. there are no recipes and rules – how to become happy , everyone must find their own way. It is not so important what you have achieved, the main thing is at what price you got it. The unpredictability of every moment in life .

  23. The question of what is the meaning of life for a person is one of the most difficult for the mind, and can not allow any philosopher to pass by. It is necessary to divide the question into a special case, understood by a single person (procreation, getting pleasure from life), and a general interpretation that would be suitable and true for absolutely all people. Considering the question that applies to everyone, it should be said that in life there is an order of magnitude more causality than meaning. And the meaning itself takes shape if we connect the initial moment of the origin of life and its outcome. �
    � �Just as a man wants to live with a woman, so the Spirit wants to merge with Matter. When Spirit penetrates matter, it gives birth to new life. But being on the initial path in the womb, this new life is not yet self-aware, it is not ready, it needs time to be born. All the vast time and the series of numerous reincarnations of a person is the intrauterine development of a new Spirit, which is necessary in order to be born on its own plane of Spirit. Ask yourself-what is the meaning of pregnancy, and you will answer the question, what is the meaning of human life. Human life is a necessary condition for a new Spirit that is aware of the surrounding reality to be born in its own world.
    If life had no meaning, it wouldn't exist. It is even impossible to imagine that such a long and complex event as life, in its entirety, would exist just like that, with nothing to do. And if there is a certain plan, the task of a person is to try to comprehend it, because this allows you to replace emptiness and ignorance with progress.
    The task of a person is to develop their intelligence, spirituality, morality, and altruism. Without losing your dignity, try to benefit others. After all, one of the few really valuable thoughts is what I can do to help the community around me.

  24. No one knows. And anyone who says that he knows, deceives, or is deceived himself. To know the answer,you first need to know how life began,where the universe came from, and so on. After all, this is logical: before answering” Why is this necessary, “first answer the question” What is it all about?”At the moment, all we know is that one day our universe will cool down, go out, and disappear into oblivion. And we all are too, because we are a part of it. These are the laws of nature. In the meantime, we just live, just because we were born, by someone else's will, or by our own will,or as a result of the merger of these wills,who knows?

  25. The meaning of life is in a happy life. No one wants to live an unhappy life. Life without hope of happiness is meaningless. Each person has their own understanding of happiness. Most often, happiness is understood as the absence of troubles. Accordingly, the meaning of life is to manifest and eliminate the causes of troubles.

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