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  1. A sense of meaninglessness occurs when contact with something we feel meaningless about is overwhelmed by violence towards ourselves, someone else's scenario, or excessive ambition, which refers us to the first point. That is, yes, life is always meaningless, but no one cares as long as they don't overload their contact with the object of their activity. If, for example, a person was forced by conflicts to wash dishes or brush their teeth all their childhood, it can be extremely difficult for them to do this in adulthood. It's as if they won't see the point in doing this often. But it doesn't necessarily have to be something specific.�

    It is not the limitations that circumstances impose, but the limitations that you will discover in contact with the world, that you will impose on yourself. Interestingly, you said that people do this, but you didn't say that you do it. And when contact becomes difficult, it immediately seems meaningless to us. And if you limit yourself in the same communication, for example, in the fulfillment of your desires, then it is not surprising that you ask such a question. But this world is not meaningless (it has always been so, meaning is not written in letters on our DNA). It's pointless what you're doing to yourself, trying to pass it off as some kind of self-preservation instinct (although it's hard for me to guess everything exactly without some introductory information). Well, for example, if you don't fulfill your desires, then there will be no sense of guilt, which protects us from potential loneliness. That is, to create such a contact with life that would have meaning no matter what, means to be an aggressor, which you probably can't afford, hence the questions about the meaninglessness of being. But this is not such a being, it is just a mistake in the psyche, caused by a well-bred automatism to suppress our desires and our whole being.

  2. Everyone wants different things, but is the meaning of life in the satisfaction of desires?

    Please understand that this can be inherited and all your descendants will suffer the same, but do you need it?

  3. Dorgoy friend! Before looking for an answer to this question, try to understand what or who is the source of your desires. This is very important! If the source of your desires is not God, then your question is quite fair, there is no special meaning. Read the first psalm in the Bible. Only God can give meaning to life, peace of mind, confidence and joy. Read the Bible as a letter from God to you personally, and address Him in prayer in your own words. God is waiting for your conversion and He has a wonderful plan for your life

  4. The meaning of life in this world is the same as the meaning that exists, for example, in school-yes, life can be compared to school, a kind of School of Life. Ideally, the task of the school is to instill general education knowledge in young people, teach them discipline – what can be done, what can not be done and what is considered exemplary and what is inappropriate, teach them to properly build relationships with Teachers and peers, with high school students and junior high school students, with the opposite sex, interest them through a control and assessment system, encourage them to

  5. No one has created the framework, you can do what you want and when you want, but your freedom ends where the freedom of another person begins, and this is inevitable.

  6. You answered your own question. People create their own limits and obstacles, and then say that they can't be happy. That you chose the wrong profession, the wrong partner, and the wrong lifestyle. So why not break all these boundaries and try to live differently? Yes, it can be very difficult. But you can't be happy without making an effort. And happiness is the meaning of life, so different people have their own. Or is it better to think less about the meaning of life and more about whether you like it in the form in which you have it? Or maybe you should change something? By answering these questions to yourself and making an effort, the question of the meaning of life will disappear by itself.

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