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  1. Money is more about opportunities, not meaning. Some deep meaning may not exist, but they allow you to meet basic needs, without which it is either difficult or not possible to live at all. After the basic needs are met, others also appear.

    How else? After all, no one has come up with anything else. And of course, you can hate all this, but in the end you either agree with the existence of money in this world and their necessity or you die in the gutter from hunger/cold.

    But who works and how much is a slightly different topic. People will be able to work less when labor efficiency is high, earnings are high, and everything is fine-tuned(but for now, many people still go to work every day like a flood). But at the moment, the situation is such that the employer seeks to squeeze the employee to the maximum. Otherwise, it loses its profit.

  2. Money serves to meet basic needs. For some, money is power. For others – to feel secure. For others , it is an opportunity to implement their idea. For the fourth – to bring beauty to the world. For the fifth , it is a matter of freedom. For the sixth – the possibility of self-expression. Well, then you can expand and deepen this topic. The new generation is more comfortable with the question of spending their time making a living. The needs remain, but the possibilities for their implementation change.

  3. Right. If only to earn money, then when to live? Money itself is a convenient tool for exchanging goods and services. But obsession with money is a big sin. Just like any other insanity, though. So you can live your life in vain.

  4. You can't earn all the money. �But you can't limit all your needs either .Ну Well… still alive.

    Weapons, not labor, are liberating. But you are not a superpower. Your freedom is not guaranteed by a nuclear shield. Your strongest weapon, which guarantees your freedom both “on the market” and even in a corrupt, criminal system, is money. They can buy both the protection of armed people and your own piece of power.

    Of course, without brains, without connections, without luck, money is not only” dust ” but also a danger. Отб Selecting them, you can not only be maimed/killed, but also put in jail.

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