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  1. I respected a person when they stopped self-destructing, pulled themselves together, and started doing the right and good things for others.

  2. It was at school. We had a kid who was on his own mind, didn't touch anyone or hurt anyone, but many people thought he was strange because of his look and strange intonation when he spoke. He was a typical introvert who barely interacted with anyone. “Alpha males” classmates used to get him and make fun of him. He endured it. Sometimes they joked harshly. I also endured it. One day, one of the most bullying guys in the class came up to him during recess and started jokingly pestering him, obliging him to be gay. There were a bunch of people who were having fun watching. All of a sudden, when I turned around, the bully was lying on the floor with a bloody nose. I was genuinely happy for that boy and respected him for being able to stand up for himself and put him in his place. No one else touched it.
    And so, people who can stand up for themselves and for their personal space are always respected.

    I respected the elderly woman on public transport who gave in to a pregnant woman when the male half pretended not to notice either of them.
    I respect people who are not indifferent and are ready to help a complete stranger when he needs help.

    I respected a man who is constantly and undeservedly slandered by his ex behind his back, and he does not discuss it with anyone after the breakup and does not try to humiliate her.
    I respect people who don't expose their personal problems and the problems of others.

    I respect a child who, at the age of 10, has tremendous success in his favorite sport, and devotes every day to it.

    I respected another woman who, despite her fatal diagnosis, never complains and radiates positive, benevolence and joie de vivre.

    I respected one man even more when I found out that he was working in another city from his wife, came by car to her city to take her to the airport in her city. When his friend told him:”she could have taken a taxi,” he said, ” it's not hard for me to get out of work and come to my wife again and make her feel good.” I generally respect this man for his loyalty and principles towards his beloved.

    I can remember many more examples, of course. Many human actions are worthy of respect.

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