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  1. 1-They are lying. (some very rarely, but still lie)
    2-Have some prejudices(everyone has them too)
    4-Not the best behaviorminor offenses-did not help someone when it should have, stole a small amount of money, tried light drugs, etc. Everyone has such excusable things, but nevertheless people are ashamed to talk about it.
    5-People are also ashamed to admit that they don't care about anyone. На Starving Africa, fur seals, problems in other countries in general, the environment, or just other people, etc. It's clear that empathy makes us human, but you can't root for everyone and worry about everything. We'd all be burned out emotionally in that case. But still, people are ashamed to say out loud that they don't care.

    And yes, I wrote about shame, because I think this word is more appropriate than shyness.

  2. Almost everyone who has a cat or dog talks to them when no one sees or hears them; many people meow or bark, but few people admit it: it's too much like schizophrenia.

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