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  1. 1) go study for the profession that you like, and not the one that is prestigious, popular, which your parents want, or for the company of a friend.

    2) The employer doesn't care what color your diploma is,what it says, or what university you graduated from. The main thing is practical experience.

    1. Is studying. Qualitatively, not with memorization, but with understanding

    2. Do not rush into a relationship – an unstable hormonal background and youthful maximalism can play a cruel joke. There is a chance to get badly burned and transfer the negative to the entire other half of humanity. Impulsive, thoughtless actions are also possible – in Romeo and Juliet, if they were older and could come to terms with the death of a loved one, they would remain happy. And feelings and love are possible at any age.

    3. Create a realistic but grand goal.

    4. You should realize that no one owes you anything, not your parents, teachers, or the state. You are a free and independent person. There is support – this is happiness, no-you need to cope without it. “Radish?” He doesn't have to do anything, it's not an excuse to drop an item.

    5. Do you have any free time? Find a hobby! Music, sports, technology, whatever! This will help you expand your horizons and choose your future profession.�

    6. You have the right to make mistakes and make changes. Don't ask yourself a definitive answer about what you want to do all your life. Go study in the most interesting and exciting direction, even if you change it later, the knowledge will come in handy. For example, you want to be an artist. But it didn't happen, there is no talent/ boring/ unprofitable, etc. There are a lot of specialties where it will be much easier to use this database – designer, ad creator, animator, etc.

  2. Find yourself. Understand yourself. Love yourself and stop hating others. And don't give up what you're good at, even if it's hard.

  3. I advise everyone, not just (by the way, what is 9-am? I will assume that we are talking about children or teenagers) young people, but also adults, should carefully protect their attention from common, entertaining and empty information. The lower the information noise, the higher the concentration and calmer the soul. Use napalm to burn out all subscriptions to shitdogs, star tweets, TV shows, games, and the like. These things empty the mind without leaving anything in return.

    And most importantly, the guide to the world will be your favorite activity, which the school and parenting are trying their best to beat out of you. A simple example, I loved 3D modeling in the 11th grade, then only a few people did it. As a result, under parental pressure, I lost six years at the university to return to 3D again, wading through a misunderstanding.

    And I'm glad I didn't change my dream for stability. Otherwise, I would be another gray slave of the system with an extinct look, loan, mortgage, etc.

  4. 1) Learn more;

    2) Love more and have sex (the most sincere and all-consuming love is possible only at the age of Romeo and Juliet, imho);

    3) Do not upset your mother and help her in everything;

    4) Be less idle.

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