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  1. Learn 3d and video blogging as a field of activity, not just a way to kill time. I could use the amount of free time I had 5 years ago right now. I could have used it to great advantage, and by now I would have been proficient in the skills I had only recently acquired. And of course-less procrastination.

  2. I would advise myself to choose a different, more distinct specialty, although I do not regret the time spent on studying.

    I would advise you to take more care of your nerves and health, because in 5 years it will come back to haunt you.

    And never meet that-same-guy again.

  3. The most important thing is not to listen to anyone and leave the city and go to the university you wanted to go to,and not to listen and feel sorry for your parents. And, of course, do not be afraid of anything,everything is in our hands and everything is possible!

  4. Don't worry about nothing. –

    Just be yourself.+

    Don't listen to anyone.+

    Do what you think is right and let it happen.+

    Don't remember the past.-

    Live for today.+

    Quit smoking.-

    Stop drinking.+

    Don't get involved with whores/partygoers/mercantile people-

    In general, it is better not to start a relationship with anyone.-

    Clean socks are easier to buy after all.-

    Cut people out of your life more decisively.-

    Don't go back to your past relationships.-

    Take care of your nerves,you'll need them.-

    Take care of your health,it will also be useful to you.-

    Tell me what you think.”+

    Finally, be honest with yourself and open with others!+

    (some advice to follow is obtained)

  5. I was too stupid at the age of 11, and so were the next 5 years. So, in order not to suffer because of the bullshit done at that time, for the time being, I'll just find a way to kill myself.

  6. Then I would have the current opportunities and knowledge…
    I would advise you not to jump to conclusions, but still listen to the advice of your loved ones. Don't waste any time. Learn English. Learn programming. Monitor your health. Improve your math skills. Don't quit or leave, stay there. Try freelancing (although there is no possibility of withdrawing funds). Improve all other IT knowledge. Appreciate your family and friends. Don't be overconfident. Don't be naive. Don't go anywhere. Do not check out for permanent residence. Appreciate what you have, because all this can be lost in an instant..

  7. In 2012, I just entered the Law Faculty of the Higher School of Economics of St. Petersburg, from which I safely left a year and a half later. Therefore, I would advise myself not to apply to this shoddy faculty (namely, the Law School of the Higher School of Economics of St. Petersburg), so as not to lose two years in the end. Now I could already have a bachelor's degree, but because of that mistake, I'm still in the 3rd year. Thank God, on advertising and PR at St. Petersburg State University. And I would also advise myself to do more photography, so that after five years I can earn money from it. In addition, it would be worth not rushing with the wedding and serious relationships in general. At my age, it's still better to have fun than to drown in everyday life.

  8. Most likely, my answer will be considered somewhat strange, but, nevertheless: I would advise myself two things: do not postpone ideas, implement them “here and now”, and do not doubt the correctness of my actions, tinker even more, go too far, sometimes, and do not regret anything, no one and especially myself.

  9. 1) Do not drop out of art school after the first failure. And in principle, do not abandon any initiatives(and there were many of them) after the first failure. (As a result, I can't do a damn thing.)

    2) Treat German language classes with great diligence and seriousness. (2 years of teaching, level of proficiency – something between A1 and A2; taught on courses.)

    3) Don't worry so much about school grades and teachers ' opinions. (Because in the end, a beautiful certificate does not solve anything; and the fact that they thought you were a smartass is deeply parallel to the teachers at the university.)

    4) Be bolder and to some extent more impudent – do not allow yourself to be bullied and humiliated by anyone. Learn to forget about the opinion of people about you, with whom you have always communicated at the level of “hello-bye”.

    5) ” It's better to be alone than next to just anyone.”

  10. I would advise myself to insist on my own and not go to the university, which I hate for the fourth year now, from which they will still be expelled and because of which my whole life goes somewhere wrong.

  11. Learn, learn, and learn again. “I am very sorry for the lost time spent during that period on all sorts of nonsense, in the form of games, parties and the like. And I still have to enroll this year…..

  12. oh, you have no idea how much you could tell yourself in the future)

    unfortunately this doesn't happen

    in any case, without mistakes, life is not life

  13. I would advise myself not to listen to my freaking classmate friend nedoanoreksichku, not to sit in public Typical anorexic and Khudorba, and not to mock my body in all imaginable and not imaginable ways, would show myself what I have turned into now and how hard it will be to treat my kidney, stomach and psyche after 5 years of bulimiikonechno still would advise me not to quit learning Italian, and enroll in a correspondence course to immediately go to work and procrastinate, and more do what I want, and not others

  14. Buy dollars, of course. Write more, fill your hand-it will come in handy. And most importantly: don't let her go on that trip with friends without you. Or go with her.

  15. Courage and determination in the issues that I was afraid to solve five years ago. Although this is not a pity for the missed opportunities….

  16. I would advise you to lay everything you can by September 2014, right under the fall of the euro from 1.4 to 1.1, and invest the money you get out of it in the fall of the ruble)�

    ps. I don't regret anything, mistakes are taught.

  17. Drop dota, learn music theory and play guitar. Rent an apartment across the street from the university and go there for a beer instead of going to the local pub – it will be cheaper. Better yet, invest in things like a computer, tools, and bike. Otherwise, everything is fine)

    1. Experience more empathy.�

    2. Experience more fear.

    3. “Look to tomorrow” is further than exactly 1 day 🙂

    4. Learn and don't show off. To understand that I'm not so ambitious that I can afford to live without a degree and not have a chance to cover up at least with it.

  18. Of course, enroll in a different direction at the university or in a completely different educational institution.

    Listen to your heart when choosing a specialty, guys! Not to fashion, not to friends, but to what comes from your hobbies, which brings you not imaginary joy. Well, and maybe a little (maybe just a little) listen to your parents.

    I would have liked to become a designer, but I wouldn't have listened to my parents who didn't understand it.

  19. The question is probably about what we missed and what we regret. So, it was better to do homework. Things would be different now. In general, everything is fine now, but it's better.

  20. 5 years ago, oh my god. It was 2012, I was about 14 years old.

    To be honest, I wouldn't recommend anything special, because I just wouldn't have understood it at that time. You had to go through a lot of life trials and make a lot of mistakes to understand many things.

  21. Oooh! I know exactly what I would recommend to myself! “Hang out more! More people, more traffic, more sleepless nights, more crazy acts! Then this will not happen: most of your friends will get married and have children, and you will have a mountain of work to do, and you will not have the energy or time to have fun to the fullest! Even if you now think that you hang out a lot, believe me, you can do even more! Don't sleep so much, get up and go have fun! Of course, you will love your job, it will give you a lot of travel around the world, you will aim for the highest positions in a cool business, but there will no longer be such a gap! And the memories of those times will warm your soul for years!” I guess I did everything else right. And I had brains then, I understood that it was impossible to forget about studying, and I also understood all sorts of other right things. But now sometimes I want to let myself “forget” everything and break into another city. Previously, it was possible to skip couples, but with work this is no longer possible. Yes, and not with anyone, everyone has a job and families…

  22. Take enough time to study, forget about other people's opinions, because you can't please everyone anyway. Spend more time with your family and help them. Also, fuck that bastard, he doesn't love you, and he never did. Learn from other people's mistakes to avoid making your own. Also, don't eat so much chocolate 😀

  23. Do not pay attention to the opinions of other people, do not underestimate your self-esteem to the level of a skirting board, read more professional literature and pay less attention to all sorts of petty sufferings from your personal life.

  24. Work on your future (rather than thinking about it), work hard and create now (then). I would like to take it all back, but at least for 1 year. But I know it's too late. Now what I didn't do before, I'm making up for now.

  25. Learn, read more, be less lazy, learn new things, do not give in to provocations, be more reasonable.

    Be more attentive to the girl who in two months will change my life forever, and without (or with, who knows) without her knowledge, so much so that in five years ' time you can't forget her. But do not be too intrusive, show wisdom and character.

    Do not rush to change the scope of your activity, think about it and weigh everything carefully.

    To look at the world from a different angle, to understand that it is not so terrible as I made it up.

    Take care of your health and be less quick-tempered.

    Learn to accept people as they are, to abandon subjectivism in relation to people, to understand that there are no clear concepts of “good” and”bad”.

  26. Learn in the right direction and buy more dollars

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  27. I would advise myself to engage in self-education immediately, to take a harder approach to mathematical subjects at UNI. And not to start a relationship with “that girl from the Internet”.

  28. It is difficult to recommend something constructive and useful to a 13 – year – old, – at that time, – snot, but, perhaps, in the category of “good advice for besyachy creatures of adolescence” such wording could fit.:

    1) Be more polite with your loved ones, so it's easier to convey any information or express your opinion to them, after remaining heard. Loud slamming of the door is a bad idea, try to do without it somehow.�

    2) Stop sitting in the corner, go and chat with someone. Do you even know what copper pipes are waiting for you on the way to normal and comfortable socialization?

    3) The sooner you take an adequate approach to the issue of caring for your appearance, the better. No, seriously, this is some kind of pi * dec.�

    4) The sooner you learn to turn people down in an accessible and unabashed way in the event of an inconvenient offer (and sometimes even coercion), the better for you, again.

    5) Your main” today five years ago “authority and role model” just pee*dit and does not blush about their exploits, if that.

    Like, xs, the list can take a long time to complete.
    In general, hand on heart, I doubt that I have gone far from the level of development of the person to whom I am addressing these instructions.


    Don't listen to your parents, drop out of school, you'll still drop out later. You don't need a degree, and you'll have to fight with your parents about it. If you need it, you'll go and get it.

    Stop drinking and walking, just because you are a student does not mean that you can burn out your life. Studying is no excuse, don't lie to yourself, it's not hard for you.

    Sleep at night, it won't be long before you stop sleeping. Appreciate the moment, motherfucker)

    Your value in society increases with the increase of your finances, your finances grow with the increase of your value in the labor market, your value in the labor market increases depending on your knowledge. Stop dreaming, learn English, learn prog and go to work.

    Well, if it would be possible to prepare, then I would tell you the results of football matches for all 5 years in advance and describe where to invest money. And I would also say that by and large, you can invest anywhere, but if you keep this money in the national currency, I will come back again and kick my ears.

  30. Do not be late for dates because of your laziness.�

    What, did you expect a moral message? Well, I'm sorry, I had a fight with my first love because I didn't come on dates, and we had a great relationship before that.

    (As beautiful as they could be with a person who was too lazy to break away from TV shows and go out with a girl)

  31. I would highly discourage myself from downing a couple more shots of vodka to catch up on one of the darkest days in the history of 2012. I would also recommend waiting until February to buy a coat that will get a discount, and not to take a jacket that I didn't really like, but I had enough money. Well, in addition, repeat the Ford-Fulkerson algorithm.

  32. Never mind, I wouldn't have understood it anyway/postponed execution. The behavior of people at a certain point in time does not fall from the ceiling, and the advice that I could have given myself was then given to me by people around me, and I successfully ignored them.

  33. To study. Learn something new every day, do not miss the opportunities provided, do not be lazy, do everything on time. Do some self-education instead of sitting on YouTube.

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